Sunday, April 17, 2011

Impatiently Working Towards Happily Ever After

I'm impatient.

I'm quite sure I have revealed that before though.

Because of that fact, this little diamond in the rough is kind of making me cranky.

Before you read any further you probably also know that I personify a lot of my furniture. Meaning that I name them.

Scarlett? Bluebell?? Well in true psycho-decorator fashion I already have name for this little beast. But I'm not going to tell you yet.

In fact, I am going to make it a competition. Read on... She has lots of issues. Chipped veneer. Moldy drawers. Missing details.

But I see so much potential! Plus she was $15.

Surely for that price I can afford to invest some sweat equity. I started by trying to glue the veneer back on. Epic fail. So I just started chipping it off where it was lose.

I am hoping that paint will cover a multitude of sins. Next step was cleaning it. I started by cleaning it with TSP. Then I pulled the drawers out--YUCK!!!

I'm not a germ-a-phobe but man they were kind of disgusting. I broke out the bleach and cleaned the drawers and the innerds of the dresser. But as I was grossing out, gagging and bleaching the fire out of my hands

(all while wearing heels-no joke. I staying in my church clothes while I did this)

I saw what drew me to dear ____________(ha! you thought I would slip and reveal the name) in the first place.

I'm a sucker for some cute shoes and she is wearing some cute shoes. Now, for the competition part.

Comment me what you think I am naming this dresser (1 guess per person).

I am putting together a little treat bag for the correct response. I don't have it together yet, but I am thinking about a painted dishtowel, a spring button design, and maybe a few other goodies. If more than one person gets it right, I will put your names in a hat and draw the winner.

I'll leave this little contest open until Sunday at 9pm and announce the winner Monday morning.

Let the guessing begin!


  1. WEll, I think she looks like a Veronica! lol But then- and this is NOT a second guess- I'd say she's a bit of a Phyllis Diller- just a little warped and all! lol Hugs- Diana

  2. I am going with Cinderella. You know....if the shoe it in every color!

  3. Swan, because that is what the Ugly Duckling turned in to, just as your new piece will do! Love to win the giveaway!!!



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