Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Entrance

I do not enjoy working outside. But I DO enjoy driving up to a house that has some hint of curb appeal, so I press on.

One of the reasons I do not enjoy working outside is that I cannot keep plants alive. Maybe if I remembered to water them I would have more success, but that is just too much remembering for this old girl to do.

When it came to my front entrance, I had visions of mums and pumpkins dancing in my head. Then I decided that it was ridiculous to fork out a bunch of money on mums that would probably not make it through Halloween.

So here's what I did.

I have used and used and used these square wreaths on my front doors. However, when I got them out for the fall they were looking rather, well rather used.

They were terribly faded. I was very sad because they were kind of expensive and I just couldn't replace them. Then I thought about the leafy green spray paint I had in the garage. A couple quick shots of spray paint and they were as good as new!

I covered some cushions in red vinyl tablecloths. I spent $6 on mini pumpkins and gourds at the local farmer's market. I also allowed myself to spend $6 on 3 mums. (They probably won't make it til Halloween, but I can stand losing $6.) Oh and I didn't repot the mums. I just wrapped them in scraps of burlap tied with raffia.

I thought about putting a mum in this basket, but I liked the look of piled up pumpkins instead. Actually it is just 3 pumpkins, the orange one is sitting on a small paint can. Oh and the ivy is fake. Yeah, I'll probably be that old lady that puts fake flowers in her flower beds. I kind of care that it's not real, but then I remember that I don't have to water it and that I can't kill it. So then I stop caring.

Now here's some close ups...

And some wide shots...

Oh and that giant mum. I didn't buy that one. I'm just babysitting it for a friend :)

It is hoping she returns soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Living Room

As most of you know, hubby went off to the "academy where you learn to fold your clothes in ridiculously small ways."

(Actually he is at the Kentucky State Police Academy. As of October 30, he will be a Kentucky State Trooper.)

He has been gone (during the week) since the end of May.

I had big, big plans while he was gone; some have been accomplished, some have not.

This is one of those that WAS accomplished.

You all also know that I have painted and repainted at least 5 rooms in our house since we moved in almost 2 years ago. I picked the paint for all the upstairs rooms prior to moving in and let's just say that I regretted the decisions within the first 6 months. That led to the dining room redo last winter.

This summer I finally chose the wall color and proceeded to repaint the living room and kitchen (as well as rearrange the living room) at approximately 1am. Seriously, I did. go check my facebook statuses if you don't believe me.

Anyway, here are the befores.

It is so strange to me how different things look IRL that they do in pictures. The living room never really bothered me until I saw how it played out on "film." It was then that I realized the yellow was not working for me (along with the brick with black grout). Here is the same wall after paint and rearranging.

Now I must tell you that is the spot that "Cindy" was supposed to go.

Who's Cindy?

Go read this and this and see for yourself.

I was so excited about putting a dresser there that I had to find a replacement for Cindy. I found this little sweetie at an auction-big surprise huh? She was much more expensive than Cindy's $15 price tag, but I guess you have to be willing to pay more for furniture WITHOUT powder post beetles!

This was one of those shots that made me say-yuck, I need to do something about that brick! Here is a similar shot after the new paint.

This is the view as you walk in from the foyer.

Finally, here is a tour of the living room. I realized that you all really haven't seen my living room from all angles.

So here goes.

Now you are walking around the couch...
(and yes that lamp shade is wompy-jawed. I cannot get it to stay straight!)

This is the view from the fireplace looking back towards the foyer.

View from the hearth looking towards the hallway.

This is the view from the hallway looking towards the kitchen.

View from the kitchen.

And an overall view of the living room.

Now, I will give you some close-ups of some of my favorite areas.

I showed you all part of this wall in me "Q is for Quaint" post.

I tweaked it by adding pictures of hubby and I when we were three.

And no room of my is complete without adding some transferware.

The color is from Benjamin Moore's "Wythe Blue" swatch.

It is the lightest color tinted at 3/4 strength. The backs of the bookshelves are painted the darkest color on the swatch-I think it is Paladian Blue. So far I'm loving the blue.

I want to add some more throw pillows and possibly hang some more plates, but for the most part I'm content with the room!

I'm on fall break this week. I'm hoping to get a post on my outside decorations and maybe my kitchen. Oh and I have more changes to my laundry closet. Maybe I did get some things accomplished while hubby was away folding his clothes and shining his boots!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Under Glass

Happy Fall y'all!

I'm slowly getting stuff out. I still need to do my kitchen island, and the downstairs mantle, and the outside entry, and maybe a little something in the bathroom. Yikes. I need to quit thinking about this.

Let me just start with what I HAVE managed to accomplish. I shared with you my fall mantle. Today, let's go take a look in the dining room.

When I was thinking about my table, I pictured using all my cloches with neat little fall things under them. I LOVE cloches. I'm always drawn to them in stores, even though I don't need any more! You can see some of them decorated for Christmas here.

But let's move on to fall.

Here is the view as you walk in the front door. I put a scrap of burlap in the center of the table then spread the cloches around on it.

To create a nice contrast, I put some of the cloches on silver plates, compotes or trays. I found the big acorn at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. The little white vase holds a little bunch of leaves. The smallest cloche has fake acorns inside it (also a HL purchase).

Here are some close ups:

By the way these gourds are just plastics ones that I wrapped with twine.

I love using twine about as much as I love using buttons!

Thanks for stopping by! I love to hear who come's knocking so leave a comment and say hello! Next up will be my repainted living room, the downstairs mantle and the kitchen!


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