Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Cinderella Story

Welcome visitors from Miss Mustard Seed! I sure need y'alls help today! Keep reading and see where I need your input!!

I introduced you all to this "lovely" lady last week:

and I issued a challenge to guess the name.

Only 3 of you took me up on it. Nana Diana guessed Veronica. Nope, sorry Nana D.

Robin went with "Swan." Nice try and a good guess but still nope!

The winner was Andrea with Cinderella!

Complete disclosure makes me tell you all that I know Andrea IRL. We actually go to church together, but she has never laid eyes on the future Cinderella, nor did I talk to her about her. She is just super smart and figured out my clues! (Happily Ever After, the shoes??)

Anyway, due to a REALLY bad storm last night resulting in much of the town being without power and no school for anyone (even the university) I was able to get started acting as Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Because she is in such bad shape, I decided to prime her and opt out of the "distressed" look.

The primer is done and I think Cinderella resembles more of herself in her "mouse dress."

You know, better but really not all that great.

Actually, she looks more like Cinderella in the mouse dress AFTER the step-sisters got hold of her.

You know, better but in pieces all over the floor.

"Cindy" is going to have to stay in her primer/mouse dress for a little bit longer, because I'm just not sure what color dress to make her.

White seems the obvious choice, but I want to think about some other options too.

Ya'll have any ideas?

Nana D? Robin? Andrea? Anyone else?

I linked up with Miss Mustard Seed and her Furniture Friday and hopefully some of the talent there can give me some ideas.

(I did have an interesting thought from a reader to try a bold blue-I'm considering it, just a little skeered!!)

As soon as I work some magic of my own, I'll show you her happily ever after!
By the way, Andrea, I'm getting together some goodies for you. If you have any preferences of colors let me know!!


  1. Yay! So excited! I know your love for shoes, so I couldn't resist the name Cinderella!

    As for colors....you know my style...and my dining room is green.

  2. I think "Cindy" would look beautiful in teal for a new Spring look. :) I think that might be a new color for you,too, but haven't seen all your painted pieces so not for sure.

  3. I would say it depends on where it is going. Is this yours to keep and what colors are in your house. Chalk paint is wonderful, but no priming necessary.

  4. I also lean towards white. My biggest leap into color is usually gray hahah. So I'm probably no help! Blue/teal/aqua is pretty popular too. I'm excited to see what you pick!

  5. I think it's a great piece and agree with Kim on where it is going, etc. Keep on keeping you will get it.



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