Monday, July 12, 2010

Y is for Yawn to Yikes to Yippee I'm Done!!!

I'm Back!!!!

So my week hiatus extended into two.
So very sorry.
Thanks for those of you who didn't give up on me,
I lost one follower, but maybe she will forgive me.

Y week:

Today is all about the fireplace.

Yeah, that one.
The one I have bugged you all about for a few weeks now.
What, you forgot?
Does "Oh my big ole fireplace, what should I do with my big ole' fireplace? Should I paint it? Should I paint it? Really, you think I should paint it?"

I thought you would remember.

Here is the before:
I liked my fireplace, but as soon as I saw this picture, something didn't seem good about it.

I tried to fix it:
I thought just glazing some of the bricks white would help give it a little bit of definition and depth. Yuck, it looked more 1970's than before.

This week I painted the whole thing.
It took FOREVER.
I spent about 16 hours painting this monstrosity and I still need to do another coat on part of it, but I am over it for now.
Maybe one day when I have nothing to do I will add that second coat.
(another example of my decorating ADD, impatient and ready to be finished)

Here is the after:
Well? What do you think?
Lie to me because I don't think I can undo this...
Actually, I do like it, but it is hard to have just a snapshot of your room and evaluate it without everything else that makes it special.

Oh, man. I have to tell you that this weekend hubby and I went to Nashville and hit every Goodwill in the area.
I found something at every single one (except the next to last one.)
I can't wait to show you all the goodies. Some of them don't even need to be remade!

Come back later in the week!


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