Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just A Quick Hello and a B & A

Hey ya'll. I'll skip the apologies. I was thinking this morning about how long it has been since I've posted. It's been nine months! Holy cow! I didn't have a baby or anything like that. It's just been hectic and I've been more overwhelmed than usual. This summer I started doing some painting for a friend that has a consignment store and reupholstery/decorating business in town. We started a conversation about how busy he is and he mentioned that he has people that ask him to paint stuff and he is just too backed up to get to it--that is where I came in. I've done work for one of his customers and the rest of the stuff is things he has bought at auctions and just wants to freshen up. My hubby whistles the theme song to "Sanford and Son" just about every time he opens the garage door. It's pretty bad. Aside from doing things for him, here are a couple pieces that I managed to finish this summer. The pictures aren't great because I had to use my cell phone, but maybe you can get an idea. First up is a sweet dresser I did for some friends at church.
I loved the legs on it and she did too. She wanted a "merlot" color so I took a pillow and tried to match it as closely as I could. The first couple coats were way to "Barney" and not enough "wine" so I mixed in some of my "crabby apple" and some black paint and tried to deepen the color a bit. After that I glazed it with a black glaze and I think it turned out lovely. My friends loved it too!
Here is one other piece. In the auction listing, it had two doors that covered up the drawers. Something happened to one of the drawers on the way to the auction house...
I went with Annie Sloan "Aubusson Blue." But I didn't opt for the wax. I still can't get the hang of it. After I painted a couple coats of blue, I put on a coat of polyurethane then I glazed it with Ralph Lauren's "Smoke," and followed with a few more coats of poly. I added some antique looking glass knobs and I love how it turned out. The phone camera does not do the color justice. It is much less royal than it looks...
She is for sale at my friend's store. But I may take her back in coming weeks. We are in HEAVY remodel mode at my house. I'm talking breaking through concrete walls and tearing down ceilings. Just you wait! I'm hoping the results are extraordinary!


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