Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decorating ADHD

I sure hope I am not the only one who has experienced this. I decided to be up front and just get all the bad stuff about me out there! Today I am going to introduce myself to you all through some pictures (good and bad). I am a big believer in being transparent and I want to show you how having a beautiful home is not always a beautiful process. So many times I get overwhelmed at the mess and feel like a failure because of it. We live in a world of "before and afters," I think I personally need a little more "durings." By seeing that other people get twelve projects going at once and have decorating ADHD, maybe others will feel a little better about their own personal decorating chaos.

Speaking of projects, here is just a sample of what I have going on today (and will more that likely continue into tomorrow):

Decorating for Christmas
Here is where I get overwhelmed, this is only part of the room. It is actually my dining room, but it has become my "staging room." While it drives me nuts to have everything all over the place, I am thankful for an extra room that I can do this in and not have to live amongst it while I decorate!

Painting a Buffet
I am hoping to reveal it on "Better After" or "DIY Tuesday" It is actually turning out pretty cute. All this "blog-spiration" has really helped spur me on to come up with some new, fun projects.

have I mentioned we moved into a new house 2 weeks ago. Nothing like trying to get out all your everyday pretties and decorate for Christmas too! I think there is not a corner in my house that doesn't have some kind of clutter in it. Overwhelmed is an understatement! But here is picture of the house the day we closed. I will focus on these clear spaces until I can create them again!!

Nursing a Recovering Child
My youngest daughter, Annabel,just had her tonsils and adenoids (along with ear tubes put in)removed yesterday. I'll won't post a picture of her in all her post-surgery glory. Let's just say we both are having a "keep your hair in a granny-do, wear your pj's all day" kind of day!

If you have just found me, which is the case because I have a whole TWO big posts, here are some things that I am going to post in the near future (maybe curiosity will keep you coming back!)...

1. buffet reveal
2. I'm going to join on TDC's Christmas tree shin-dig
3. What my obsession will toile looks like
4. The before and afters of my house, let's just say not a room has gone untouched
5. Christmas decorating toile in the family way
6. Card table redo
7. Ode to A's
8. Mighty warrior
9. Do it yourself silhouettes
10.Craft table

No, I don't have all these projects completed (actually most aren't even started) but knowing I have maybe someone waiting to see them, I will get them done! It is kind of like how you invite people over to your house so you will get some of those long forgotten projects done! Maybe I'm the only one who does that...?

Please come back and visit. If you have any stories of your own personal decorating ADHD, I would love to hear it and feel a little more normal!!


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