Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Master Bedroom Sanctuary

Remember me?

Should I reintroduce myself?

Sorry, folks.
Really I am.
I've been quiet for far too long, let's get right down to biz.

I helped my friend Jenny redo her bedroom this summer.
This was a good lesson in collaboration (teacher talk coming out-school does start in 3 days), working on a budget, and working with the needs of a client.

First let me say, shame on me for not taking a before picture.
But, like I said this was a collaborative project.
I provided some ideas, some direction and some encouragement, but Jenny did the manual labor.
Therefore, I was not present for the hard stuff, thus no before picture.

Step One:
Pick your inspiration. Never start with a color. You are locked in and it is hard to find fabric to match a certain color. Pick your fabric first.
Jenny found this awesome duvet cover at
She knew she wanted black, white and some other color.
She wasn't committed to the "other color."
I encouraged this because then she could use the accent color on pillows and some accessories and if she got tired of it it would not be a big investment to change that accent color.

We kicked around some ideas for accent color. Red was one choice but then I suggested a
robin's egg blue.
That was the keeper.

Step Two:
Find the accent color. For me this was going to be fabric again. I was looking for something that had black and robin's egg blue in it. Not happening. Apparently that combination is not hot enough yet (brown and robins egg is all over the place). But at a favorite fabric store a few towns away I found this on a remnant rack (for $3/yard):
We had the color scheme. I knew we would need some more accent fabrics, but I could find those later.

Step Three:
Architectural Additions
This isn't necessary in every redo, but they had a beautiful bay window that was terribly misused. Perfect opportunity for a window seat. Her husband built one. He did a great job and it made a HUGE difference in that room. Here is the window seat:

Step Four:
Paint. The general choice was easy.
Jenny wanted grey.
omething that would be neutral and go with whatever accent fabric she liked.
The exact color choice...not so easy.
They had color patches painted all over that room.
It is so weird how something that looks perfect on the chip will actually look pink (or some other odd color) in the room.
Anyway, after many tries, they finally found one they loved and went for it.

I also need to mention here that she had a vinyl piece above her window. She was sad about losing it.
I suggested just leave it up, paint over it, then peel it off.
If it looked bad just paint over it again and replace it later.
It did not look bad.
It worked great:

Step Five:
Accent Furniture
Jenny already had the main pieces in the bedroom. BUT it was all 1970's brown wood. Super heavy and well made, it just needed some paint love. She undertook the job of painting it all black and it looks great!
She also wanted a trunk or bench for the foot of her bed.
I found one at an auction for $20.
had her take the fabric and get it color matched for paint.
She painted the trunk and her side table the robin's egg blue and with a little glaze viola!

She also had an amazing rocking chair.
I have never noticed it before, but when she brought it into the bedroom
I really wanted to steal it.
She made a slipcover for the seat
(that is another step to be discussed later) and here is that accent piece:
I know, you would have totally tried to steal it too.
I still might.

Step Six:
Jenny has that beautiful bay window, but man are those things tricky to dress.
We used muslin for curtains and they look fab.
Really, it looks like linen.
What is interesting is how they are hung.
She didn't want a rod all the way across and I wanted to soften the corners of the window.
I suggested using a PVC elbow and making a curtain rod that would follow that corner.
Her husband used the elbow, but then he took a cafe rod and cut it and glued the rod into the elbow and added the finials.
It worked so well:
Step Seven:
Accent Fabrics and accessories
The accent fabrics were such a stinking steal.
I found some at Hancocks that were perfect, but they were going to be about $20-$30 per yard. Jenny was willing to live with it, we were just going to use it in small doses.
However, we took a trip to Hancocks and lo and behold we found one fabric on the cut table (for $7/yd) and we found 2 other fabrics for the same price that we liked even BETTER than the expensive stuff!
I had talked to her about the pillows and showed her some pictures of some of the ideas I had.
I had planned to do all the sewing, but she called one day and asked to borrow my sewing machine.
She has never sewed, but she learned as she went and ended up making all the pillows, the curtain and the slipcover for the chair.

Finally the fun stuff.
The stuff!
She did not buy much for this room. I think some white pitchers, a memo board, a small mirror and a lamp.
The rest of the stuff was hers.

Before I accessorize anyone's space I ask them what is important to them.
We talked about some options for above the bed.
Because the headboard is swirly iron, something iron or something just rectangular just didn't seem to work.
She knows I am a plate fanatic and I think she was just humoring me at first, but she let me play with the idea.
All the plates are hers.
The floral ones are Lamoge (or however you spell that fancy French name) and the white ones are her wedding china.

I have already shown you many of the pictures of her room.
Here are a few more, enjoy:
Thanks for visiting. I promise I have other things to share! Maybe it won't take me two weeks this time around!


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