Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ode to A's

This post is being revisited for The CSI project. This week's challenge is "Frames, Art and Wall Decor." I haven't fared well in past weeks, but my competitive side (and my approval addict nature) keeps me coming back for more!! Come visit the CSI project and get all kinds of inspiration--I have found something fantastic every.single.week!

Happy New Year
everyone! If you read my last post, I am attempting to organize my DIY projects alphabetically. Some of the projects have been completed a little while back and some will be brand spankin' new. At any rate, I get easily overwhelmed by projects, kids, work, school, blogging, etc and posting in ABC order (that's the grade school teacher coming out in me) will help me keep my eye on the glue gun.

That being said, this week I will be posting on things relating to the letter A. Some will be in the literal sense (like today's blog) and some may be related to a feeling the project creates that starts with A. In other words, I may be very creative in my blog titles as well as my projects!

My hope is to open this to others to participate, but I really have no idea how to create a button or a McLinky thing, so it may be a little while before I can get social with some of you! Until then, please comment (I am an approval addict) and enjoy my attempt at organizing my mind!!

My oldest daughter had a large blank wall above her bed that was screaming for some love. I felt like it needed some grown up decorating love, NOT 9 year old love (i.e. posters of the Jo-Bros or something similar).
Yeah, I'm a little of a control freak when it comes to my house. I do let the kids have some decorating freedom in their rooms, I just relegate it to places I can't see from the doorway.
Anywhoo. I enjoy using initials in decorating. I tend to emphasize our first initial since my girls and I don't share the same last name. My girls are referred to as the A's. So in Avery's room I decided to do a collage of the letter A over her bed.

First step, collect a variety of A's in different sizes and fonts. If you live close to Hobby Lobby (unlike me) you can get chipboard letters when they are on sale. (Many times my decorating notions don't coincide with Hobby Lobby sales. I am also an immediate gratification kind of person, so I got some of my A's full price.)

Next, I chose some scrapbook paper in the colors that would match my daughter's room and Mod-Podged them to letters.

I decided how big an area I wanted to cover and painted a large blue square above the bed. I decided the sqaure needed some more help, so I painted dots around the square to act as a frame of sorts. Then I layed the A's on the floor to determine the placement I liked best then moved each A to the square and traced around it with chalk to make it easier to hang.

Finally, I started hanging each of the A's. A few weeks later, I felt like it was still missing a little bling, so I added some silver glaze to each of the dots to give them some dimension.

Ta Da! I am very pleased with the outcome and my 9 year-old likes it too. It may not be the Jo-Bros, but it works for her!!

Join me for some more Decorating A-Z and tell your friends!!

By the way, I am linking up with Donna at Funky Junk Interiors and her Saturday Night Special. Come check out all the great ideas she has!

I have also linked up to Roeschel at The DIY Showoff today too. Please drop by and visit her and see some of the great projects she has done and she has found. (Sorry, Roeschel, I could not get the button to work! I had to put the link in another way :( )


  1. You never cease to amaze me....such a neat neat idea! I shall borrow this one for the "B's" at my house!

  2. Ohhhh I am loving this one! Fabulous! I'd love numbers all over my walls. Thanks for the cool idea. :)

    And for linking to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  3. Love it, love it all. Keep it coming!

  4. you know i hate the jo-bros


  5. I love this! Long ago I started collecting G's, for our last name, but never did come up with anythign I loved to do with them. This is very inspiring.

  6. That is a really cool idea. My big guy would probably love to have something like that over his bed too. :)

  7. COURSE I love this: it had teal and my name starts with A :) Great job! I TOTALLY get it with the insta-craftification thing :)



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