Sunday, January 31, 2010

The End of an Ugly End Table

Hey ya'll! I hope ya'll aren't mad at me over the one big fat post for "D" week. I had some other ideas, but that fake snow day really got to me. Let's just say I was all about homemade chocolate chip cookies and dyeing (spelling anyone??) my hair. I guess I could have made that another "D" post, but you'll just have to picture me with brown hair all by yourself.

ANYHOO...Week 5, "E" week in:

I have at least 2 projects for you, one will require some help on your part, so check back often!!

I have a booth at a local "thrift store/antique mall" place in town. I am a little addicted and told the owners that I think I spend more there than I make, but that's okay. On one of my weekly "check on my booth, run through and see if there is anything I NEED" trips, I came across this little beast:

This time I got a little screwdriver happy before I took pictures. Still not used to showing befores AND afters. I'll get there, someday.

Anyway, I roughed it up a little (remember me, ADHD on decorating, little patience for prep work) and spray painted this little baby a really good shade of blue. After the paint was dry I lightly sanded the high spots then used some brownish glaze, like in some other projects (here and here), to brush in the crevices and help pull out some of the detail. I also put about 3 coats of polyurethane on it.

The end table was ugly brown 1970's with wire in the doors, but it had some great details and the glaze helped pull it all out. After I finished the painting, I stapled fabric in where the wire used to be. The fabric was actually my inspiration for the color. I spray painted the door pulls black and put it all back together.

Here she is again, before:

and her cutie patootie after:

I kind of started a thing with Scarlett (you can read about her here ), so I can't leave this little lovely without a name.

Hmmmm (thinking music)

Okay, I got it. Hence forth and forever more she will be Bluebell. She's ready for her close-up Mr. Deville

Bluebell's inspiration: the blue birds

(I know bad picture...sorry, teacher here, not a photographer nor a teacher of photography)

Oh and I forgot to tell you. She cost me almost three times as much as Scarlett. (To refresh your memory, Scarlett was $2, I must have loved Bluebell more, she was $5! Don't tell Scarlett though, she'll get a complex!)

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I've also joined into the "Power of Paint Party" at Domestically Speaking, I'm telling you a little can of paint can make a HUGE difference!
Have a great week! Come back and see me!


  1. WOW! She is gorgeous. You have a serious talent!

  2. I LOVE HER !!! I loved her BEFORE you did anything to her,too ! You've got great taste AND vision. ;o)

  3. Bluebell is devine! That fabric is SO precious...excellent job!!!

  4. Love it!! I wish I had the know how to repaint furniture! Do you use spray paint for most of your projects?

  5. I like it Molly - great job!!! How's the booth going?? I love coming to Murray to see you all AND the shops and SHOPPING!!! It's about time for another shopping trip soon!!

  6. Bluebell is one PRETTY gal...what an awesome makeover!


  7. Love how the detail peeks through after glazing. Such an unusual piece! Way cool.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    fJ Donna

  8. Wow - Molly! What a transformation! I love the color that you painted it. So cute. And the little curtains inside. So cute!

    Thanks for linking up!


  9. Super transformation. When I read you were painting her blue, I thought, hmmm. But I love the color and the fabric. Great job.

  10. LOVE the color and the fabric...Great eye!!! Lezlee

  11. Wow, Molly! What a great transformation. (Don't you just love when strangers call you by name!) I really love that. Good work!

  12. I love the shape of this piece! Very interesting and sich a great side for between two chairs or something. Anyway, I also love the color you chose for it. Bold, yet classy. Nice work!

  13. What a beautiful job... you should be proud! Thanks for sharing her at the Power of Paint Party!



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