Friday, January 29, 2010

D is for DVD

Okay folks, I'll admit it. I have stunk it up pretty bad this week with the "D" projects. So many things I could blame it on: testing at school, 2 night classes, 2 migranes, but isn't that just the way things go? Today; however, is a wonderful day. We have a "fake" snow day! I call it fake because the weather man got everyone freaked out about a possible 10 inches of snow and as of 10am we have ZERO.

Sidenote; I live in Kentucky. In the area of the famous "Ice Storm of '09" And ironically, this recent weather forecastt came on the year anniversary of that weather event. If you don't know about it, in a nutshell we are talking no power, no water for like 2 weeks.

I'm not complaining about having this fake snow day. I rather love it. I get to catch up on laundry and baking and decorating and sewing and cleaning and, of course, blogging.

So, thanks to the fake snow day, I am finally bringing you the first blog of "D" week in:

I love movies. I could watch certain ones over and over (The Notebook-when I want to bawl my eyes out-You've Got Mail, AIr Force One, The Rock). I have three kids who love movies. WE HAVE ALOT OF MOVIES. I am going to ask you to not judge me here, but I let my kids watch a movie before they go to sleep at night.

The problem comes when the movies are all over the house and stored in different bedrooms. My 5 year old is alseep in bed and my 9 year old wants a movie out of his room. I needed a central location for them.

On a weekly jaunt to one of my favorite thrift stores, I came across this:

It also had doors on it. Hubby got the doors off before I could get the "before" picture. (Yes, he has since learned to take a picture before he touches anything.) I KNOW this looks rough, but it was the perfect depth for the little nook I wanted to place it in. You should have seen the look hubby gave me when I asked him to "rough it up so I could paint it." He said, "Uh, I think that is already taken care of." I didn't care, I saw the potential.

I spray painted it, with several coats of paint. Then I finally bought some Rustoleum white paint and I will tell you I will NEVER use another brand again.

Confession: There was a point that I thought it wasn't going to work out. Actually several points. 1) when the paint WOULD NOT cover this thing 2) When the panel on the doors didn't come out the way I thought they would (I had planned on putting fabric in where the panels were). There were some scary moments with this little sucker.

I figured out the door delimma by stapling my fabric to poster board and slipping it into the groves left by the panels:

It turned out just like I pictured it would! I was so relieved, er I mean glad. Hubby was surprised I pulled it off. I couldn't believe I stuck it out.

I am ADHD on decorating projects. I start out meticulous and gung ho, then I get all "I want this done" and messy.

I am still looking for a basket to slide in the where the drawer was, but here she is in her place and hiding all those movies:

Thanks for stopping by. I may get one or two more "D" projects squeezed in on my fake vacation. Check back for parties I've linked to and projects I've shared!

Update: 1:09pm and it finally started snowing!
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  1. Looking good...lovin' how you did the doors!


  2. I love would something like this in my house! Great job!

  3. You did a great job and working with what you found and adapting as you went along. It turned out great and looks very charming. Much better and a perfect storage option.



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