Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get in the Corner!!

This has been such a week...ever have one of those that stretches out in front (and behind) you for what seems like forever? I just had to get some blogging done as a creative outlet.

So you are forced to endure yet another addition to:

We are still on "C" week, so this project is about (as the title suggests) "getting in the corner." I think we all have a troubling spot like this in their home.

Here is my troubling corner during Christmas. So innocently sitting there, looking all full and purposeful.

If you haven't read, we moved into this house the weekend of Halloween (this year). I started putting up Christmas decorations 2 weeks later. I didn't really do much "everyday" decorating because I knew my Christmas stuff would be going up, SO this corner didn't bother me until...

the tree came down...YIKES holy blankness Batman!

What's a girl to do? Ficus tree? Been there, done that. Chair and side table? Check. Oooooh, wait a minute, didn't the old owners take down some bi-fold doors from the dining room? A screen? That could be fun...

I took the doors and painted them a light blue that is in the background of my new roman shades (I have mostly red and yellow in my house, I liked the idea of pulling a little more blue in.)

Along with the paint, I brushed some glaze along the edges to give it more depth. Hubby put the hinges back on to create a tri-fold screen. I put it in the corner, but felt like something was still missing. I LOVE transferware and I have a lot of it that I hang on the walls. Since we just moved in, I hadn't hung much and I thought I would try it out on the screen.

Here is the corner after:

It still needs a little sumpin, maybe some greenery or arrangement on the wall beside it (that basket beside it on the floor is an option for the wall). It's a work in progress, but I love how it pulls some of the blue from my windows (which you can't see) to the other side of the room. Here is the "corner on parade" enjoy.

I am linking up to:
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Have a great rest of the week. Check back for one more "C" project up my sleeve!


  1. Molly-
    I love it!
    It looks fantastic.
    Love the shade you chose to paint them.
    Very neat!

  2. Oh Molly - that is too cute! What a good idea! LOVE IT!

  3. Great idea! My daughter was asking me to do something like this to divide off a couple of rooms at her home. I think I will have to borrow your idea!

  4. What a great idea! And I love,love, love the color! Is it a little green???



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