Saturday, January 9, 2010

2nd Installment---GIMME A B!

A bad day thrift shopping.

I had one on Saturday. I had THE PERFECT day planned. The closest big town is Paducah and I just knew they would have some lovely cast offs waiting for me to scoop up (insert hand rubbing, evil laugh here

Hubby and I drove all the way to Paducah (45 minutes), went to Salvation Army, Goodwill and Tuesday Morning and it was a total bust.

Yeah, you heard me. NADA. First of all Salvation Army was closed as was Tuesday Morning---WH-A-A-A-T??? (Hubby said good thing it isn't called "Saturday Morning" or it would be false advertising-yeah I gave him that look too. Don't mess with a girl on a bad thrift shopping day).

Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby, good old Hobby Lobby. You won't let me down.

I have read about and seen so many cute things people have bought for NOTHING at Goodwill. It makes me jealous.

I covet your Goodwills. Mine stinks. Really, well not literally, but it is really a sad place. Tons of clothes but no good stuff. I would dig through mound of stuff for cute things for my house, but I just can't dig through racks and racks of clothes. My ADD kicks in and I just can't focus.
In my town's defense, before we had Goodwill, we had (and still have) "Angel's Attic." It is a local thrift store that the proceeds support a local free health clinic. What I think has happened is people are trying to support Angel's Attic more than Goodwill. So honestly, Angel's Attic will come to a thrifting girl's rescue on occasion. We don't have a Salvation Army so I can't gripe about that.

Thank goodness where I live we have two "antique malls" that are part junk store, part cute boutique. People rent booths and sell all kinds of junk, er I mean, treasures. But man, have I found some cute things. I am telling you this because not everyone has a great Goodwill, but you may have a neat little "hole in the wall" store that looks weird from the outside, but get a buddy, get some courage and go inside. You never know what treasures await you.

Here are my favorite finds from my local "junk stores"

Snowflake (75 cents)--I hot glued it to a mirror on my mantle

Odd architectural thing ($11)

Christmas trees ($15 for the pair, they had a sticker on the bottom with the original price of $75)

Picture of some unknown kid with a dog (but it reminds me of my youngest daughter and our dog) ($5)

Black bench ($45)--yes this one was pricey, but this thing is about six feet long and thick and chunky. I love it in my foyer!

Cruel-work pictures ($7.50 for 2)

Amazing wood framed mirror--note the detail ($30)

White terrarium thing ($5)

Shadow Box ($6)--you'll have to hear more about this on another addition of Decorating A-Z--maybe that will make you come back!

Wire Terrarium/Apothacary Thing ($12)

Yeah, some of the things are a little more expensive than what should be considered for a "thrift store." But another thing you need to know about me is that I am not very patient to wait for things to be marked down. Plus, as you know, at a thrift store if you see it, buy it or it won't be there tomorrow!

I guess the lesson is that "the grass is always greener on the other side." Or maybe more like, "the grass on your side isn't as bad as you think." Aw, heck, I don't know the lesson, I just need to learn to appreciate what I have in my own town. These stores have been pretty good to me!

Don't forget (when the weather warms up) to hit yard sales and auctions. I love auctions! Maybe one day I'll show you my "stubborn-I'm-not-going-to-let-you-win-it-you-strange-man-chair." But we need to get to know each other a little bit better before I reveal that vindicitive side of me.

I'm not sure who I can link this up to yet, but keep checking back I'll try to find something fun! I am still trying to educate myself on the mclinky, party thing. I really want to include you guys on the Decorating A-Z. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Do you sew? The next time you strike out on thrift shopping, at least grab a few garments of clothing at Goodwill in colors that will look good in your house, and whip up an easy patchwork throw, like this one I made here:

    Right now, I'm gathering old jeans and khakis to make a throw. The other day, I was taking the trash out at my condo complex, and I noticed three pair of jeans in the dumpster. I got a long piece of wood and fished them out. I'm sure people thought I was a homeless person. :) But I'm excited about my denim/khaki throw! (And yes, I washed them...very well!)



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