Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Easy as ABC

After the tree has come down, all I can think about is organizing. I have bought all kinds of cute glass bottle thingys to organize all my junk. However, I am also in need of organizing my blog.

For those of you who have just met me, I am an elementary teacher. Knowing this, most everything I do has to be organized in a way that is easy and not overwhelming for me to follow thru. Blogging is one of those things that I get overwhelmed with. You should see my garage...holy cow, there are projects everywhere. I even have some new projects in the back of my car as I type. Sometimes I get so many ideas I don't know where to start...Decorating ADHD. Can I get a witness??

Anyway, last night I was thinking about which project to post about and which blog was hosting which party that I needed to find something to do for and I decided I can't keep chasing my tail like this.

Thus my idea was born (musical fanfare...)

Decorating A-Z.

Every week I am going to post projects as they match up with the current letter. For example, the first week of January the letter is "A." So all my projects will have something to do with the letter A (start with A, involve using the letter A, etc.) My first post to kick this all off will probably be my "Ode to A's"

I am very excited about this concept and I hope it is something you can get excited about too. I am trying to create a button and link so I can get other people to join in on the fun. If any of you have some tips on creating buttons and adding "mclinky's" as well as any suggestions for hosting a party, I would love to hear it!
P.S. Don't try clicking that button yet, it is a work in progress. But, hey! Let me know if you are interested in joining in! Who knows maybe I'll get "techy" enough to start giveaways and everything!

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  1. I think this is a good concept and one I have applied to my projects. But if you are going to blog and ask for ideas, maybe it would be helpful to begin looking at your past blogs and filling in where you've asked advice from others. Do that then start anew and it really will feel good.
    I'd love to see more pictures of your family room in the "MEET ME AT THE POLL' blog. You were asking for ideas about painting the entertainment center.
    Good luck in your new adventures!



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