Friday, December 11, 2009

They're Not Just For Trees Anymore

I love Christmas ornaments.

In July I will look at Christmas ornaments.

I will put the tree up and think "I can't fit another ornament on this tree" then go out the next day and become all googly-eyed over Christmas ornaments.

What is a ornament loving girl to do....I guess she just must find other places to put them of course! We just moved into this house on Halloween, so I don't have as many "extra" ornaments out as usual-or perhaps it just doesn't seem that way because we have more room in our new house.

At any rate, here are some of my favorite things to do with ornaments.....

I LOVE transferware (that is where part of the "toile" in my blogname comes from) and I really love it when I hang these simple red ornaments on the plates.

I bought these little monogrammed cuties when they were 1/2 price last year, with plans to hang them on my dining room chairs, but this light fixture seemed so lonely...

This ornament is one of the many that I hang from my kids' bedroom curtain rods. I love that I can match them to the colors in their rooms. (Actually, that means I can get all excited about the fun, new colors they seem to come out with every year. (Who is "they" anyway? Experts in New York?)

This is another favorite trick, hang ornaments from your lamp switches.

Ooh, ooh, oooh, big ornaments on top of things, that is fun too...

Yet more big ornaments, on top of my kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes the ornaments don't even look like ornaments, this is an example of not being able to resist the cuteness. I haven't found a cure for that illness yet, but I'm not looking that hard for one either.

Here are some ornament (these are actually cheap, plastic ones mind you) I mixed into my fireplace candle thingy (that is a very technical term, use it wisely).

These are tin ornaments hanging from my french doors in my kitchen and dining room. Proof that we moved in just weeks ago...the paper shades. Actually, I shouldn't dis the paper shades, I used the same kind in my bedroom for 8 years, really I did.

More extra ornaments I stuck in a glass terrarium, I have also seen people put them in a glass cloche or simply pile them in a bowl. You can't go wrong with Christmas ornaments, seriously.

These ornaments are a good example of loving the cuteness yet having to find a spot for them. I found these at Cracker Barrell last year and loved the colors and the words (the ceramic rectangle and the cute stocking). I got one of each of the designs and hung them from a cafe rod that I hang my kids' artwork from in the family room.

Finally, ornaments stick in some greenery along with some lights. I love it! If you don't have lots of "stuff," fill your house with greenery and lights, it will be fabulous!

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