Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Toile Christmas

Well hello there, welcome to my house. I have always wanted a red front door and I love this color (it is Crabby Apple by Sherwin Williams). Please notice my side lights that I just frosted, you can catch the tutorial here. My green wreaths are a year round staple, I just change up the bucket according to the seasons. Sometimes it is a bucket with flowers, sometimes it is a cute sign. Depends on my mood.

As you come through the front door you are met by a favorite black bench I found at a local antique mall. It is simply dressed with small trees, a santa tassel on a lamp, a paper star and garland and lights draped over the mirror.

Next you come into the living room and I have my Christopher Radko tree. If you aren't familiar with Christopher Radko, not only are the ornaments beautiful and highly detailed, but there is a precious story about their beginning. Click here to read it. I LOVE Christopher Radko ornaments and have been collecting them for 15 years. I usually limit myself to one new one per year. Here are a few of my favorites:

Next is my mantle, which I love!! In our old house we had a fireplace, but it was "fake"--no chimney, so I love that I can have a fire!! You can also see more of my love of toile via transferware.

Here are some closer shots of some of the elements on the mantle:

I just get cheap garland and add in stuff. I love the light colored eucalyptis. I love the dimension it gives the garland. Sometimes I think that all that greenery can get a little dark. The light color helps break it up a little. I buy a "bush" from Hobby Lobby and cut it all apart. I have some glass bead garland I bought 1/2 price a few years ago that I throw in, add some lights and call it a day. I also love pepperberries, but OMG that stuff is expensive. Last year I bought a garland of it from H.L. when it was half price and just cut it all to pieces and spread it all over the house, in garlands, silver cups, anywhere I needed some color.

This is the wreath above the mantle (if it is square, is it still a wreath?) I found the "Fa La La" at Big Lots for $6. (Then I saw someone trying to resell it at an antique store for $17--can you believe that??)

This is one vignette on the built ins around the fireplace.

In the kitchen I have several small arrangements and some ornaments on the french doors.

This is the inside of my glass front cabinets. I have photos from my wedding, my parent's and my in-law's weddings. The glasses are the ones we used to toast at the wedding (our initials are etched on them).

From the kitchen you circle around in the dining room. It is pretty simple in here with most of my nativity sets and more garland and greenery.

Here are some trees in the kids' rooms.

Oldest daughter's room (blue and green theme)

Step-son's room (lego theme tree) and random decoration

Moving downstairs, here is the fireplace and mantle in the den:

I love these plates. If my house caught on fire I would want to save these. I had my girls' done when they were about 2 years old. My step-son joined us last year (when he was 4) so he and I went and did one for him too. LOVE THEM!!

That's about it, if you want to see some other places in my house that have been Noel-ed, check here.
Thanks so much for stopping by, come see me again!!

I am linking up to several tour of homes blogs, be sure to stop by there and see all the great ideas and inspiration!!
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I am so excited!! Heather at The Gift Closet featured me today! I'm becoming a real blogger! Whoda thunk it?


  1. love the reindeer plates! your house looks beautiful.

    Merry CHRISTmas


  2. Your home is stunning!! Everything is beautiful! I love your mantle with the wreath above, gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow I love your home. These are my colors too. I love the red that you used and that fireplace mantel is gorgeous! Every pictures is just wonderful.

  4. Everything is beautiful! I also checked out your window frosting tutorial - genius!! Happy Holidays!

  5. Beautiful! I love the reindeer plates!

  6. I love the idea of using the eucalyptus and agree that greenery does look dark. I will try this next year. Love your little trees for the children. Merry Christmas!

  7. It looks so pretty! I need to add some stuff to my garland and eucalyptus sounds like a great addition! Thanks for sharing your home!

  8. My two favorites were the square 'falala' wreath and the candle arrangement in the fireplace, but it was all gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas, thanks for the tour!

  9. Love your mantel. I might be stealing the big candy cane idea.

  10. I love the square wreath! Very cute decorations!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous....well done my dear!

    Merry Christmas.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  12. You know I think your decorating is just awesome and I want you to come do mine, but I just want to tell you again - your home is the most beautiful I've ever seen! :)

    I want to know what you do with the Merry Christmas on your dining room wall when it's not Christmas though...does it come off? Just curious!

  13. I LOVE all your decorations and your beautiful home. I love red and yellow and black as well. I see you've used those colors a lot. Our taste is very similar so I will be picking up some tips from you. The reindeer plates are darling.
    Hope you and your family have a splendid Christmas. Blessings,

  14. Darling house--I love your front doors!

  15. I featured you on my blog today. Feel free to snag my "I Was featured @ The Gift Closet" button for your blog. Thanks for sharing your home & Merry Christmas! :)

    The Gift Closet

  16. Absolutely beautiful! I love your red door!
    Found you at the Nester's Home Tour. If you want to see my tour you can see it here:

  17. You amaze me! This home is just as cozy and beautiful as your last....and you've done it all in less than 2 months. What a gift! Merry Christmas!

  18. I love how you've decorated! Have a merry Christmas!

  19. Am I impressed with your blog Molly!!!! And of course your house too - you are a great decorator and have such wonderful ideas! You always have your house so cutely decorated for each season! I'm so proud for you and Jody finding your new home - just think it has been less than 3 months since you moved and it looks fabulous!! All the rooms painted (after you moved in) and the decor fits each room perfectly!!! People just wouldn't believe what your home looked like before you came in and turned it into what it is today! Maybe you could post pictures of the before and after - I know they would be impressed!!!

    I feel blessed to have you as a daughter-in-law! Thanks for the happiness you have brought to my two boys!!! Love ya!!

  20. Your decor is beautiful! I recognize a few pieces in there, too - ha! Love it all!



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