Friday, December 18, 2009

Meet Me At the Poll

Okay people, I was looking over my last blog post and I have been staring at the entertainment center that I have downstairs. I REALLY want to paint it. I bought that piece of furniture for Christmas in 1998 or '99. I searched high and low for an entertainment center I liked. I ended up ordering this one because it had simple lines and I could display stuff on top. I HATED the color from the minute that the guys brought it in the front door. But I have never admitted that to anyone (until now).

Anyway, I am 10 years older and have 10 years more copy-cat experience. I think I want it a different color, however my dilemma is what color? My walls are a light green--I think a shade or two lighter than Sherwin Williams' Rye Grass. I have those toile curtains down there and a white craft table sitting close to the entertainment center.

So what would you do? Keep in mind, I DO NOT want to have to brush paint this thing. I am thinking spray paint all the way. Any suggestions? I know some popular colors are Heirloom White and Canyon Black. What do you think will look better? Any other options I should consider? Please, fellow bloggers and loyal followers (all 5 of you) cast your votes! I promise I will post a before and after blog about it! You will just have to wait until after the new year...and perhaps into February...


  1. If you're planning to keep the toile curtains for a long time you should paint it the red that is in them. I think that would look nice with the green walls too. But if you're crazy matchy like me and it would bother you that the entertainment center and table didn't match then I would go with white:)

  2. Could you post more pics with a different angle of the room? Is there another window on the other side of the fireplace? Ive got ideas just need more info.

  3. HI, Molly, thanks for stopping by! I think you meant to leave a comment on the giveaway post, but didn't quite make it. If you'd like to enter, please go back & click on the giveaway post for the List Plan It giveaway.

    And I vote for the Heirloom white for your ent. Center. I think that would mix well with your home.

  4. I want go with a deep deep red.
    I love all of your decorations and of course the toile!
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. I also think the red would look good. But what about doing it black with that Caromel colors (?) paint technique everyone uses on these blogs that is so "shabby" looking. I would love to paint something with that stuff.

  6. Im still looking forward to seeing the other side of your family room.




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