Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Mantle

I think Beth is a mind reader (or maybe she read my blog-that would be pretty cool)

because she decided to have her seasonal mantle party this week.

Of course that was just the kick in the pants I needed to get my post done.

You all remember I have two mantles, this post is going to be the upstairs mantle.

I'll try to move the laundry and get some pictures of the downstairs mantle tomorrow. This is going to be short and sweet so don't blink!

I used these bunnies on the downstairs mantle last year.

For spring/Easter 2011 I just changed out their bows.

Remember I told you about the woman with the velvet ribbon?

Don't know that story? (it is one of my favorite "scary stories") Click here. Here they are a year ago (and no their heads didn't fall off when I changed the ribbon):

One more 2011 mantle shot:

Here are a few more touches of Easter I have around:

I got the fabu-lo-so idea to twinify some eggs from Domestically Speaking and boy did I do some twining!

The lighter colored egg is from last year. I bought that twine at Dollar Tree. This year I found jute at Hobby Lobby and twined eggs of all sizes.

Beside my little twined lovelies is my other obsession-buttons. That is an egg made out of buttons, by the way.

(Just when you thought I'd run out-bwah hahahaha!)

If you are lost on the joke click here then here then know that I also did Christmas trees but I spared you from that one. Finally, another twiny vignette:

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm going to get another spring post up, I have some before and after things to post and then I have a fun, frivilous post about my spring break using my new favorite toy!

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