Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break and a New "Toy"

You should all be happy to know that I survived spring break.

It went much better than winter break (which was not at all planned, but rather a snow storm-or two-that caused school to be cancelled for a week).

I was reading P Dub and she was talking about a new app that I thought I would check out. Cause if P Dub is talking about it, it must be pretty cool.

That app is called "instagram" and it is just fun.

You basically take pictures, put you can add all kinds of neat effects to them.

My favorite is the "early bird." It kind of looks like an old fashioned picture that has faded some.

I really like it cause it makes me look like a better photographer. You all have seen my pics, you know I kind of stink at the lighting and the angles and such.

Anyway, here is my spring break in instagram pictures:

Much of the time was spent answering the question "Can I have a snack?"

Sometimes I was the one asking the question. Refer back to the link above for my comments over my eating habits over breaks.


Preparing to paint (but I think I used the wrong swatch when I had it mixed--blimey!)

Spray painting, spray painting and more spray painting.

Yes, I have used ALL those cans in the picture!

Attending class. I may not be teaching this week, but I still had to go to class.

I am working on my masters in guidance and counseling. After the class pictured above, I only have 2 more to go! (However, I would really like to get a school psychologist license (degree? I'm not really sure what to call it-- all I know is that it requires many more classes.)

A trip to Paducah with 4 girls. Stops included Chuck E. Cheese, the mall and the local park. It was a good trip.

The kids were great!

The 2 youngest chicks in the "Hurricane Simulator"

While painting a fireplace (hmmmm, another fireplace? Curious anyone?)

I saw this brick and I just couldn't paint over it. Impressed anyone? (Elise?)

Especially after my whole I'm not a lover of wood post.

I put this in there to keep it real.

I hadn't planned on painting the hearth and despite the drops of paint, I still may not paint it. Cause I live on the edge like that-the edge of insanity, that is.


Cause this app even makes laundry look kind of cool.

In case you were wondering these are hubby's shirts. It will be one of the last times his shirts are folded like this cause he leaves for the State Police Academy in a month or so and his shirts have to be rolled in like 6 inch rolls or something insane like that.

Cause apparently it is important for the people who protect your safety to be able to fold their clothes into ridiculously small ways. Finally no spring break, or weekend or any small break in between is complete without attending an auction. I scored a dresser with some really cool details for $15.

Now, don't get too jealous, it is in pretty rough shape. But man it is so neat. I can't wait to show it to you! Isn't that app fun? I think I may make a weekly adventure out of it, because I know you all are dying to see what I do all week long!

Plus it gives me an excuse to take weird pictures and it gives me another way to touch base with you guys! Come back, I have some auction finds to share, my bedroom to reveal and talk about what we are going to do while

hubby is at "the academy where you learn to fold your clothes."

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  1. Those DO remind me of pictures from the 50's & 60's. It sounds like you had a good time on Spring break...and the kids look like they had a ball! What more can you ask for?



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