Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Confess...


I'm really not the type to do a blog post just to join a party (that's just too much work!)

But I met Mamarazzi the other day (not IRL) and I have been thinking

confessional thoughts ever since.

My Friday Confession is all centered around this:

I am a teacher and I love my job, but I also have a love/hate relationship with snow days.

I long for those unplanned days in the middle of the week that I get to sleep in and hang out in sweats all day, but after a week of no school my confession is that


For many reasons. I am going to tell you most of them.

Reason #1 I loathe snow days:

My house is a disaster. Craft projects and dirty dishes are covering what seems to be every square inch. I can't keep up with these kids!

Reason #2 I loathe snow days:

Snow clothes. Everywhere.

The kids go outside for like 30 seconds, get cold, come inside and make hot chocolate, then want me to help them get dressed again to go back out. Makes me grit my teeth just thinking about it.

Reason #3 I loathe snow days:

For some reason I get very lazy and my bed doesn't get made. An unmade bed sets a bad tone for my day

(I know I sound like a freak, but it does make me feel better to know my bed is made.)

Reason #4 I loathe snow days:

I eat way too much. Snow days do not bring out the best in me!

However, in true love/hate relationship fashion, here are a few things I have accomplished:

Got a room repainted. My house has 13 rooms and I have painted 17 of them-yes a few have been repainted in the 15 months we have lived here.

I have bagged up all these outgrown kids' clothes to take to a friend who has a consignment store!

I got some sewing done.

Also, I have been able to keep this blog a little more updated! Maybe snow days aren't ALL bad. Not that I want another week being homebound with 3 kids and 3 dogs!

I'm off to put something away. again. Then clean up a puddle of melted snow. again. Then go eat another brownie. again. Maybe I still loathe snow days!!


  1. great snow here but i have a love hate relationship with visiting it hate to live in is.

    i hate blog hops too...i never join in. too many thoughtless, generic comments. but a linky party like confessional friday or my happy list? LOVE

  2. Funny! I laughed at you bed photo...looks like somebody had to shake it to get you out of it!
    I feel the same way about a made bed. If it's made-- I like it A Lot!

    You got quite a lot accomplished for unplanned days off. Good job.
    I'm not good a the blog hops either... I can't keep up with all of them.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Love that honesty....its what most of the moms feel but never say it because ....well, we're MOMS and we're supposed to "cherish" these moments....cabin fever does it to the best of us! I for one am thankful you had to stay home and update your blog...I love it!

  4. Ah yes--- I knew I liked you- You are REAL!!! The real McCoy! I loathe snow...but haven't had a snow day in too long to remember. UGH..Pretty sad that you will be glad to go back to work!;>) Diana

  5. LOL-I so agree- I'm a spec. ed tutor in 1st grade- I always loved a good snow day but this winter has been trecherous- I think we'll be in school until June 28th-UGGHH



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