Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Wild Side

Let me say I love it when I find out I was ahead of the trends.

Case in point are my birds.

I started a love for birds before I even knew they were popular (pre-blogging).

I didn't know when I painted Annabel's room this bright pink (I thought was azalea)

that it would offer me a chance to enter The CSI Project.


But I'll name it Honeysuckle and join the party!!

Have you ever had visions for a room,

put it together piece by piece then once you were done

realized you created a hot mess?

That's pretty much what happened with daughter #2's room.

I knew I didn't love it.

It was way too busy and way too pink.

Then I published this picture:

Two words: hot. mess.

I had an idea and I had a whim.

So at Target I decided to buck up and spend the $75 on some new bedding.

I made curtains out of really cheap white fabric and added the zebra stripe out of an extra sheet that I purchased. I was going to do a canopy over the bed but I just couldn't see that play out well in my head so I opted for the "artwork."

I had planned put black and white pictures in the frames, but once I hung them on the wall, I kind of liked them blank.

Yes, this artwork is a mixture of some other things you have seen on "Toile in the Family."

It is a little "Ode to A'ish" and I have found yet another way to use some buttons.

(You're hoping I'll run out of those soon aren't you?!)

I love it. You would think the black would be overwhelming, but there is just something about focusing on two colors that makes it much more pleasant to look at.

Let's see the before and after again shall we?

Hot Mess Before:

The AHHHH-After:

I'm joining the million of link ups over at Thrifty Decor Chick for her February Before and After Party. If you have a few minutes, come by and check out some other fun before and afters. I can't guarantee they will all be hot mess transformations, but there are lots of cool ideas over there!

This is another favorite room redo of 2011. I'm linking up with Addicted 2 Decorating. Come see some great room redos!

You can see the other two kids rooms here, just know that I already have some plans for little man's room. Don't go thinking I am discontent. I'm just creative, that's it, creative.


  1. I do think it looks better...more adult somehow. It was cute before but looked like a young girl's room. How does SHE like the new makeover? Hugs- Diana

  2. Love that room! I especially like monograms. Pink and black are wonderful colors together, too! Beautiful finished product! Linda

  3. LOVE it... my daughter's room is hot pink and zebra too...but she wanted green walls. i really love how it all came together and she loves it too.

  4. so chic!
    i love it!!
    and yes my older daughter has a Disney hot mess right now that i would love to change!

  5. Oh, yes - much improved and all grown up! Love the dresser placement!



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