Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Vignette

Stories of A to Z is having a Valentine Mantle Party but I just wasn't ready to dismantle my wintery mantles (upstairs and down).

Thankfully she allows Valentine vignettes.

Due to an unexpected snow day (I really don't trust the weather people-sorry if any of you are or know a meteorologist) and the fact that I left a ton of stuff I could be doing at school I have gotten a chance to complete some projects and start some more projects.

I used the opportunity I had while the kids were doing this:

and this:

to get a Valentine's foyer welcome ready for any guests.

You guys can be my first.

But first, is that not the cutest snowman?? I was pretty impressed with their creativity.

Here is the foyer hearted up:

If they keep playing outside like this I may have to break out the buttons and make some hearts!


  1. Molly- What a cute post! Love that planter with the hearts and the snowman is really cute! Have a great weekend- xxoo Diana

  2. cute! love the snowman! he has so much character! I 'met' you through the newbie party at Debbiedoos.



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