Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh, Parson Me!!

I have always loved parsons chairs.
I cyber-window shop them on and Target.
I look at them in magazines.
But I have never found one that I really, really loved all on its own.
I would usually have to buy/make a slipcover in order for it to be EXACTLY what I wanted. Until...

A few days after Christmas I was walking into TJ Maxx and almost from the front door I spotted them.

My feet almost wouldn't carry me fast enough.

As I was walking toward them I kept telling myself:

"The color won't be right."
"It's impossible that they could be the right color."
"Don't get your hopes up, they will be the wrong color."

Then I got up on them. The color was right. And the pattern would be perfect.

Okay, maybe the color works, but I bet they will be incredibly expensive.

Let's just peek at the price tag.

Don't get your hopes up.

Whoa...really? I could pay that.

So I went home. Chairless.

(sound of screeching brakes. Went home? Chairless?)


#1 I needed to talk with hubby about it.

#2 I REALLY wanted to make sure the color was right.

#3 There wasn't enough room in the car for 2 parsons chairs.

Two days later HUBBY suggested we go to Paducah.

So I told him about the chairs and I grabbed my fabric swatches.

We bought something else on the way, which I will show you later.

Can't reveal ALL my rabbits in one post.
After confirming the blue would blend in my dining room, I hauled those babies up front.

I am pretty sure I saw some jealous faces as I carted those things out.

Aren't they gorgeous? See if you can figure out what else I bought. I'll talk about it next week, promise.


  1. Those ARE gorgeous...I LOVE TJMAXX...Unbelievable that they were still there when you went back. I think God wanted you to have them!>) Hugs-Diana

  2. Nice to meet you Molly! I'm so glad that you found my blog and now I found yours! LOVE that polka dot cake dish! I will forward to seeing all the cool stuff you create. (beautiful family by the way...)

  3. What gorgeous chairs. Love the colors in your dining room. Thanks for coming by. Now I have your blog to check out. I love me some color!

  4. They are gorgeous and look so great in that room with those colors, which are my colors too! Can't wait to see more pics of them!

  5. I like what I see! Gorgeous chair and fabric. Parsons chairs are always in style. Thanks for stopping by my blog today Molly :)


  6. i love the fabric! and your silhouette wall i see peeking out in that first picture :) i ound parsons chairs years ago when service merchandise was going out of biz... and made slip covers. now they need to be re-done and i'm dreading making covers again. perhaps i'll swing into tj maxx!!

    visiting from serenity now :)

  7. Nice chairs! As I read your bio, it hit home. I used to teach jr high - I did for nine years. Now I stay at home with my son, but as I think about the many hats I wear, it's sometimes overwhelming . . . relying on God always helps me too:) . . .

  8. I am SOOOO jealous if your find. I, too, really want parsons chairs for my dining room, and this pattern would be PERFECT!! I am actually stopping by from yesterday's Not going to BlissDom post. The day got away from me and I never got back to check out who was below me. I hope you enjoyed your snow day and used it wisely ;)
    I am now following you!

  9. I love those chairs, Molly! I've been wanting to get a couple for my dining room, but have decided to hold off until after we downsize. I did get one I really liked from Target last year with a skirt. I use that one at my desk in the living room.



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