Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stylish? Gee, Thanks!

Nana Diana offered me my first blogger award! She got my blog name from Debbiedoo. It is kind of like the seven degrees of separation. Anyway, I am thrilled to pieces to have found a new friend and to pass along the love.
It is an award, but there are strings attached.
#1 I have to list seven things about myself. I am more of a self-depricating kind of person, but I'll do my best.
#2 I have to pass along the award to 7 people who have inspired me.
This is going to be the hardest because I have a fear of rejection and I am afraid the people aren't going to want the award frome me. Most of the blogs that I follow have, like, THOUSANDS of followers so I can't help but think some award from me with my 73 followers would be like that annoying person at the movies who won't be quiet.
I have gone through my dashboard and picked out a few "big" names (people that I truly cannot wait to read and have felt some "connection" to) and other newbies who, like me, would appreciate some recognition and not feel so alone in this big ol' blogworld.
First about me:
1. I am the youngest child with 4 brothers. My youngest brother is 9 years older than me and my oldest brother is 18 years older than me. People ask if I was spoiled. I just stick my lip out at them, pout and ask "why would you ask that?"
2. I am older than hubby. Actually, hubby is the same age as my oldest nephew. (refer back to #1 to understand how that is possible)
3. I loathe crickets. BLEEECH! Sometimes we get disgusting spider crickets downstairs. If hubby or little man isn't home, I trap them under a glass until one of them can dispose of it. I refuse to step on it because I can't stand that "crunch" feeling under my feet, plus I'm afraid it will jump on me. Oldest daughter used to call them my "crooked (instead of cricket) zoos."
4. I am a total introvert. In fact, when people usually meet me for the first time,
I intimidate them. I am a woman of few words, but I am also very shy. I have thought about going to "Blissdom 2011" but I'm afraid I would be too much of a wallflower and wouldn't make any friends.
5. People ask how I get myself and 3 kids ready for school each day. Truth is, I don't. Hubby get the kids up then wakes me up. All I have to worry about is getting myself ready.
Spoiled I know, see #1.
6. I am very competitive, but not in the "I'm gonna run a marathon competitive." My competitive side is more subtle and harder to satisfy. I want to be the best at just about everything. I want people to think I am the best teacher, the best decorator, the best swizzle stick maker (I don't really make those, but I think you get the idea).
7. This was extremely hard for me. In fact hubby and I are talking about it right now. He is trying to give me suggestions, but I've already used them or I think they are not "good enough" (see #6--see now I want to be the best blog award receiver!) I wanted to list really "deep" things. I wouldn't be satisified with my favorite flower (hubby's idea) or what his occupation is (another one of his ideas) NOOOOOO I have to be all wordy (so unlike me-woman of few words that I REALLY am-promise, ask him.)
This could get ugly, let's move on the #2 requirement of the award: pay it forward...
The top 4 are blogs that I love and that inspire me daily, the last 3 are some new favs and new friends. I hope you find some things you like!
I LOVE Sasha. She is so the opposite of me. She is demonstrative and dramatic but she is funny and honest. She has a heart for Christ and is totally in love with her man. (she's only the opposite of me on the dramatic and demostrative part, don't get me wrong here) Go read her, you'll fall in love with her too.
She is creative and kind, loving and modest. She has a big family and they all work so well together. She has some amazing advice on raising kids and she is just a neat woman.
She is all about the transferware. I LOVE transferware so I have found a kindred spirit at Nancy's. She has the most amazing collection AND she sells it too! I am already planning on planting her etsy shop site in hubby's hands for the next birthday!
She really isn't mean, she's just plain funny. Oh, and she has a Ph.D! Yeah, I know. I think we are kindred spirits too, at least we have the same sense of humor. I see her being very "straight faced" kind of funny. I think they call it a "dry sense of humor." Anyway, she is another that I can't wait to read.
A girl who can combine sports and decorating-that takes some style! Seriously, she lives in the most adorable house complete with a white picket fence! Too cute!
She hasn't been blogging very long, but she I think she has some staying power. She makes the cutest hair clips-and she has some other mad skills too! Drop by for a visit.
She has only been blogging for 3 1/2 months and already has 200 followers! Aside from the fact that I'm a little jealous, she won't disappoint on the idea realm.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to be posting about the upstairs mantle soon.


  1. Okay first of all you are the SWEETEST person!! I am also older than my husband and he rubs it in constantly! Whatevs. :)

    I absolutely LOVE that you gave me this award and I whole heartedly accept it, and you shouldn't feel worried about people are going to reject you. I don't tend to play along with the award rules, but I DO love them, and you are precious to even consider passing it along to me. (you are SO not the annoying person at the movies and that cracked me up because one of my BFF's IS that person... I love her to pieces, but she talks in a non-whisper and comments all through the movie. I always have to shush her. LOL)

    Blessings to you,

  2. You are so funny! It was great to get your comment sending me over here. I'm older than my husband too...let's start a club. :)

    I love how open you are. It's intimidating to me too when I try to "meet" a bigger blogger. I am going to Blissdom and am nervous because I am not particularly outgoing. If you decide to go...please tell me! I'll be your friend and we can hold up the walls together. :)

    Thanks for the award! Lisa~

  3. Thank you so much for the award. You made my day. You shouldn't feel worried about anyone rejecting you. I have found so far that the blogging world is a pretty nice place to be. Your blog is awesome and I am your latest follower. Thanks for the love.

  4. Hey! I am older than MyHero too...which means he will probably enjoy playing with MY life

    I am so glad that I gave you this award because now I know you a little bit better. Shy? Only outwardly~ I think inside you are a "secret blabber"-kinda like a secret shopper-only different;>D

    I will pop over and catch some of those blogs when I get home...right now I'm at work...yeah..and you can see how THAT is going! Hugs-Diana

  5. Congrats on your blog award!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog I love home decor! :) I hope you have a great weekend! I am now your newest follower.




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