Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!!

And maybe cupcakes...and cookies...and brownies.

I saw this in my local flea market:

and visions of polka dots started dancing in my head.

So I took it home (for $6) and then it sat in my decorating closet for months.
I got inspired and took it to the garage and there it sat...

for a few more weeks.

I still had visions of covering that 1950's metal and cream and orangey flowered mess with lovely blue polka dots. But I wasn't quite sure how to do it.

Hubby surprised me with #1 a decorating closet makeover (which I will share later).

#2 a Cricut Expression!! Whooo HOO!!!

So after Christmas I finally got inspired enough to get to work. First I spray painted the entire thing blue. (no picture of that, sorry). Then I cut three different sizes of circles (2", 1", and 1/2") out of contact paper and placed them as randomly as possible. (Yes, I use contact paper more often than vinyl.) Then I painted the whole thing red.

Then it sat for a few more days because, well because I was just plain skeered of pulling the circles off. I was afraid it would pull part of the red paint off.

I finally got my nerve up and pulled them it!

Now I just need the cake...or cupcakes...or cookies...or brownies.

This was one of my favorite projects of 2011. I'm linking up with the CSI Challenge. Go visit and see all the great ideas!



  1. Yes you did!! And it is looking so lovely. Gotta love polkadots. Can I come over for some cake now?

  2. Oh that's such a fun transformation! Great job:) Love the polka dots.


  3. OH-you can never go wrong with polkadots-at least that's my motto-great idea and looks fun to boot!-Claire

  4. Molly - That is REALLY , REALLY cute! Love the polka-dots! Hugs-Diana

  5. This is so adorable! I use contact paper alot too. It is way cheaper than vinyl:)

  6. Oh my! I've ALWAYS wanted one of these, but I've never found one that went with my kitchen, but I've never thought of painting my own! This is my favorite idea that I've seen in a long time! to find my cake dish!

  7. SUPER CUTE!!! What an amazing transformation!

  8. What a great idea I just love how it turned out! Wish my hubby would suprise me with a Cricut Expression! LOL Maybe I will give him a hint for Valentine's. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  9. What a cute idea! Great way to bring new life to an old product! Visiting from Tatertots
    & Jello

  10. LOVE this!!!!! I do know about things that hang around waiting for the creative spin to take place! Good for you for finally gettin' it done!!!

    Polka Dots are so happy!!!


  11. love love love.. a thousand loves!!! oh what you can do with spraypaint?! i'm always learning! now i wonder what i have that i could make all dottish??



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