Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Mantle

I showed you the downstairs mantle, today let's go upstairs.

This post is going to be pretty much all photos. I will; however, give you the links to some of the other things I might refer to.

Here are a few close ups (cause I like keeping you in suspense as to how it all comes together).

I showed you all about these button snowflakes here.


All the snowflakes and snowballs are actually Christmas ornaments I got on sale at 50-75% off after Christmas and BEFORE the new year and the "resolution."

Which is actually going pretty good. I may even cut my spending budget next month (not follow the "no shopping" rule, just cutting back-or rather giving most of my budgeted spending money to a friend's son who is going on a mission trip over spring break.) But I digress and I promised more pictures than words. Total rule breaker...

You all know of my painting the fireplace dilemma. Now I have a "paint the mantle dilemma." The fireplace seems awfully, well, white. Do you think I should paint the mantle black? Or does someone know how to photoshop so I could see what a black one would look like?

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks to Debbie and her post on comments, I'm going to do a better job on the type of comments I leave as well as responding to the comments I receive. Come back soon-I want to show you something-the clue is "Parson me?"


  1. The button snowflake is so beautiful! I adore it. I want one for myself. Awesome job. Have a good weekend.


  2. WEll, I don't know how to photoshop but you could print the picture out on your printer and try coloring the mantle with markers...just a thought. Love the buttons...and the mantle is really cute! Hugs-Diana

  3. I am LOVIN' the button snowflakes. Very cool. I'm heading over to read about your fireplace. I really want to paint mine, but I'm a scaredy cat.

  4. So cute. The snowflake buttons are great!

  5. Hi Molly, Thank you for your nice comments on my blog the other day!! I appreciate them! I will definitely be making more tassels soon. Your mantle is just beautiful!! Love your blog! Kristen

  6. I love the button snowflakes! I hope that you will post this to my Show and Share Sunday linky party, open all week.

  7. Good to use buttons for snowflakes, another way of decoration. Loveit.

  8. Love the color combo on your mantel. So beautiful and wintery!! I just stated blogging and LOVE your site. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the mantle! I have those silver coasters. They were my grandmothers and we use them everyday! I love your take on them!



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