Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's All In the Details

I am a big fan of details.
Sometimes I get more engrossed in the details than in the big picture of the room.
In the case of my dining room which I showed you last time,

it WAS visions of the details that drove me to finish the room.

This was the first thing that I got excited about:

Here's what I did.

I found some "flour sack cloths" at Fred's (5 for $5).

I have read on several blogs about the use of freezer paper as a stencil. (I can't credit the blog because several have mentioned it-AND it is even on the package of the freezer paper.) So I just picked out an image of a bird

(yes, yet another bird has found its way into my home!)

and cut it out on my Cricut (using the freezer paper).

I ironed that baby on and painted in the bird.

First let me say that the freezer paper is awesome!!

I tried to use waxed paper on an earlier project-epic fail.

The paper stuck just a little. But freezer paper? It is a dream! Seriously!

Second let me say that some people use fabric paint on projects such as this.

Well, I couldn't find fabric paint or fabric paint medium (the stuff you add to paint to make it work on fabric). I really wanted to finish this so I thought about my "paint" pants.

You know those pants you wear everytime you paint? What? I'm the only one with those kind of pants because I'm the only one who paints things (the same things-like rooms) over and over?

Oh, well go along with me anyway.

My paint pants have little smushes of every single wall color I have ever used-because I always need something handy to wipe my hands on! And the paint has never washed out.

(Ask hubby about the Notre Dame shirt with a SW Latte paint smush across the top-wait, on second thought don't, he's still a little bitter over that one.)

Anyway, after thinking about those pants and because I was too impatient to wait for a trip to Paducah or Clarksville Hobby Lobby, I decided to use my leftover wall color (Wyeth Blue by Benny Moore if you were wondering). Love it!

Then I got to thinking about my two oddball dining room chairs:

Uh, no not those precious parsons chairs. I would never refer to them as "oddballs."
I was actually talking about the two chairs that sit on the walls that don't have the red polka dot upholstery on them.

I decided to pull a Miss Mustard Seed and use a drop cloth to reupholster those oddballs.

First, those (sadly) are not my chairs, they're hers, they're real and they're fabulous! (sorry, channeling Seinfeld).

Second, they are made from drop cloths. Fantastic I know. Go read about it on the link in her name. She's amazing. But wait til you are done here. You might never come back!

Anyway, I was using her chair as an inspiration but then I got lazy and didn't want to make the pleated skirt. Too much thinking. So I just stapled the fabric on.

I was going to do the simple stripes then I saw this "chain-stitch," semi quatrefoil looking design on one of my Cricit cartridges and loved it. Here is a step by step, but it was just like the towels.

Cut out image on the Cricut--using the ever cool freezer paper.

Ironed the stencil onto the already upholstered chair.

Painted using leftover "Scarlett" paint(SW Crabby Apple).


And because you haven't seen enough of my dining room---voila!

I'm going to link up with Amanda for the I heart my craft cutter party. Cause I do heart it. Big pink puffy heart it. Maybe even big pink puffy heart it with a arrow through it. and a M.C. loves C.E. (cricut expression) carved in it. Anyway, come over there and get some other ideas for your craft cutter!
Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party
I'm also joining in the Dining Room party at Roomspiration.


Next up will be auction finds!


  1. Laughing out loud at the paint pants. Too funny. :) I love birds, so of course I think the towel is fantastic. I think you did a great job on the chair too. It looks wonderful. :)

    Thank you so much for joining my "I {Heart} My Crafty Cutter" party. :) Have fun finding some neat inspiration, and I hope you'll visit Serenity Now again soon. :)

  2. The chair with the stencil looks awesome! Thanks so much for the link. :)

  3. I thought I loved your "before" dining area...but I am LOVIN the blue. Great job....again!



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