Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cut a Rug?

I had a great shopping day with an amazing friend. She is one of the few people I can shop with. I can count on one hand the people that I can shop with.
She's one of them.
I don't know what my deal is, but I am totally at ease with her and don't feel guilty leaving her to go on my own-she's prefers it too.
Anyway, big digression.

I found a great rug at TJ Maxx today. I not going to say that peer pressure wasn't involved in my decision to purchase said rug. But now that I have it home, I realized that 8x10 is huge and it doesn't jive as well with my living room as I thought
(plus it is too big, I think).

But all the colors upstairs are the same, so I decided to try it in my dining room. That is where the cut a rug comes in. I decided to take a picture and see which way I like better. You guys can weigh in too. I don't mind honesty, just don't be mean to me :)

Here is the room without said rug:

And here it is with said rug:

You know is it too formal for the rest of the look I have going on in there? I do have about 4 different styles dancing around. Cottage, traditional, whimsical, and vintage but maybe the rug throws it all off. Let me know what you think.

Oh and about the peer pressure. I was pondering the rug as it lay on the table at TJ's, looking at the rugs underneath it when this other woman came up and started manhandling my rug. I didn't say anything, I just tried to inconspicuously look through the rugs all the while keeping my eye on her and listening to her talk it out with her friend. She thought the rug was too light and would show dirt. But then she said,

"Well, I'll think about it. It will still be here."

As soon as she walked away I thought, "no, it won't" and quickly rolled that bad boy up and put it in my cart.

Have I mentioned that I am highly competitive? Well, I am. But she may be right afterall...


  1. There comes a time when a room is just finished. Take the rug back and call that room "finished" Enjoy those beautiful hardwood floors.
    What happened to the "no buy" anything for awhile? :) It's really hard to do isn't it? :)

  2. Hahahah, I've done that same thing in a store, that little competitive person down deep gets me every time. But,hey, I Love the rug. You can see the design of the room so much better with the rug in place. I love hardwood floors, but they were made for area rugs! :)

  3. i love before AND after...but if you just can not live with the rug....I have a new house that might love it! :)

  4. i like it better with the rug. brings out that wall of windows and the table and whatnot. balances out the dark of the floors, too.



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