Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick B & A

I have a booth space-did I ever tell you guys that?

You all know I love auctions and shopping. But there is only so much room in my house.

Plus I love redoing furniture and accessories with paint and paper. By having a booth space it gives me the opportunity to craft to my heart's content and then possibly sell it and make some money.

Now I must be honest, by Dave Ramsey's definition my booth space is just a hobby (i.e. I don't make any money on it). But some months are better than others and it is just fun to redo stuff.

Anyway, here are two little somethings that I whipped out over my spring break.

First up, gold glamour girls:

I taped off the picture portion: Then spray painted a super girly pink: I also decided to tone down the pink with some glaze-plus I wanted to age it a little more like the pictures (or whatever you would call those things). The picture on the left is sans glaze, the one on the right is glazed. Once again before: And the after: Here is the other before and after (it is a little quicker because I don't have as many pictures!)

I had some old pictures in my booth and I thought I would just paint the frames to freshen them up. I thought they were black and white, but there was a light coloring on them and I couldn't decide what color to paint the frames. Plus I didn't really like the pictures anyway. When I took them out to paint the frames it hit me to whip out the frosted glass spray paint. Remember that? No? Well, go read this and this. I threw the pictures away before I could take a picture (that sounded kind of strange) but maybe you get the idea:

I used my Cricut and cut out the letters "home" and then a bird and branch (shocked aren't you). I used contact paper to cut the stencils then stuck them on the glass.

I shook up the spray paint and then went to town (not literally. I always said I never want to live in a place where I have to use the phrase "go to town". Maybe that's just a southern phrase and you guys have no clue what I'm talking about)

ANYWAY... before I digress any farther here is the after:

And a few more shots because it is cute:

This may be one of those things that I will kind of hope won't sell!!


  1. Very, very cute, Molly...and I love that bird hanger! Hugs- Diana

  2. Hi Molly!

    I really, really like that frosted bird! I need t do something like that with my blue frames in the living room. I also like your new (maybe) borders on your blog. Cute!

    I say go to town is too far! I wish we had our house and land and neighbors a little closer to town, but it really isn't that bad. :) See you tomorrow!



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