Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Color Me?

I have that type of style that my friends can pinpoint. Whenever I am with a group of friends the phrase "that looks like Molly" inevitably gets said. I am usually flattered because the thing they are speaking of actually do look like something I would like.

You all know I am constantly tweaking my house.

My dining room is the most recent evidence of that. I am constantly getting new ideas from magazines and fellow bloggers.

I love the styles of some bloggers out there. They use neutrals to perfection and the photographs are amazing. I've even noticed a style shift in some of them from the use of color to a more subdued style.

These images are from Country Living and there are so many elements that I love in each of these pictures, but I never really thought this style was for me until a fellow blogger said this to me:

"I love that you're not afraid to use color."

I think it was meant as a compliment, but it is a prime example of

"you said, but I heard."

You know you said "I love that you're not afraid to use color," but I heard

"your house looks like a clown house."

It has me rethinking my style and my choices, but really who am I decorating for?

I love to look at houses like the ones above,

but I couldn't see myself living in that kind of house.

I love color.

I have a red couch for crying out loud.

You can't have a red couch and not love some color. It's against the law and hubby is a cop so that wouldn't be good for me to break the law.

So because I'm keeping the couch, I going to continue to use color. I'm too far in to stop now.

By the way, I'm on spring break this week so I'm planning on posting at least two more posts. One small project and my spring decor stuff.

Come back to the clown house, fun awaits!


  1. Molly, many styles come and go with the change of times. I have always loved color. I see gals changing to whites and creams and I love the way it looks for them...just not for me. Stay true to your colorful self!~ Thanks for the support and nice comment. I will be sure to keep you all posted. Oh I will say, I just bought a white comforter, and love it..but there is color everywhere else!

  2. I laughed my hiney off when I read this last part... I LOVE color and I'll never go all neutral/white. I just won't. Mainly, because I live with a JJ, and he's a little mud ball. And I have a black dog. Anyway, I had a very similar realization this past week when I looked at my bedroom that used to be mostly white, and I saw how much color I've been slowly putting back into it... Girl, color is FUN. It just plain is!! :) So you're in good company. (Don't tell anyone that I'm on the computer okay? Cause I'm supposed to be off... I don't think my family will catch me if I get off in just a minute...) Ha!




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