Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out...Tuesday? And a Giveaway!

First if you are all about a giveaway go read this post and leave me a comment with your guess of my newest dresser's name!

Now, onto the latest Toile news...

You all know I am a teacher. Well, my poor kids don't stand a chance.

For example, Little Man really has no concept of time. The words "today," "tomorrow," and "yesterday" allude him.

If you ask him "What is the day after this day called?" He will say "Tuesday?"

Now, everyday he sits at the "Morning Meeting" in his class and they go over this concept. But because I know that he is easily distracted I don't really think he has paid attention during this apparently crucial concept. I also know that his nonverbal, visual skills are much stronger than his verbal skills so I came up with something to may help him "see" the concept a little better:

I just used a scrap piece of chalkboard contact paper and wrote (in my liquid chalk markers) the days of the week (actually one of the other kids wrote the days) I bought some chipboard rectangles from Hobby Lobby for like $1 and mod podged some scrapbook paper, added another piece of chalkboard contact paper and wrote the words "today," "tomorrow" and "yesterday" on them.

Every day Little Man has to physically move the magnets to the appropriate day and then say "Today is ______," "yesterday was _________," and "tomorrow will be ________."

In a week or so I will start the morning with only one magnet left in the place it was the previous day and he will have to figure out what day it is and where the magnets go. If you are feeling sorry for my kids you should. Keep reading...

One night at dinner I asked Little Man if it was stinky having a mom at your school. (I teach at their school).

He simply said "yeah."

I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to probe deeper.

I said "Is that because I am on you all the time?"

Little Man replied, "Like stink on a monkey."

Let the "feeling sorry for" feelings commence.

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