Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Entrance

I do not enjoy working outside. But I DO enjoy driving up to a house that has some hint of curb appeal, so I press on.

One of the reasons I do not enjoy working outside is that I cannot keep plants alive. Maybe if I remembered to water them I would have more success, but that is just too much remembering for this old girl to do.

When it came to my front entrance, I had visions of mums and pumpkins dancing in my head. Then I decided that it was ridiculous to fork out a bunch of money on mums that would probably not make it through Halloween.

So here's what I did.

I have used and used and used these square wreaths on my front doors. However, when I got them out for the fall they were looking rather, well rather used.

They were terribly faded. I was very sad because they were kind of expensive and I just couldn't replace them. Then I thought about the leafy green spray paint I had in the garage. A couple quick shots of spray paint and they were as good as new!

I covered some cushions in red vinyl tablecloths. I spent $6 on mini pumpkins and gourds at the local farmer's market. I also allowed myself to spend $6 on 3 mums. (They probably won't make it til Halloween, but I can stand losing $6.) Oh and I didn't repot the mums. I just wrapped them in scraps of burlap tied with raffia.

I thought about putting a mum in this basket, but I liked the look of piled up pumpkins instead. Actually it is just 3 pumpkins, the orange one is sitting on a small paint can. Oh and the ivy is fake. Yeah, I'll probably be that old lady that puts fake flowers in her flower beds. I kind of care that it's not real, but then I remember that I don't have to water it and that I can't kill it. So then I stop caring.

Now here's some close ups...

And some wide shots...

Oh and that giant mum. I didn't buy that one. I'm just babysitting it for a friend :)

It is hoping she returns soon!

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  1. I love square wreaths, and using what I have on hand! I think I have that same black bench on my front patio, too! :)



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