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Q is for Quaint

Debbie is having a "Newbie" party and this is another old post that I think tells alot about me.
If you are regular follower, drop by her site and meet some other new people to blogland.
If you are visiting me from her, thanks for stopping by. I hope you will be back soon!
Post #2 of one of the more difficult weeks:

Q is also for Quaint.
According to
Quaint: strange in an interesting or pleasing way

That pretty much sums up some of the things I am going to show you in this post.
Strange, but somewhat interesting.

I chose to do this post because Richella over at Imparting Grace is having a neat party.
I'm all about a party that I don't have to get out of my paint splatter clothes for!

I; however, couldn't call my post "Special Touches" because, well frankly, that would
break the rules
of my A-Z.
And some of the pictures seem a little
more "strangely interesting" than special.

First category is photographs
First, let me say that I have very little "artwork" so to speak.
I am pretty picky about things I hang up and in order for me to buy something mass produced it REALLY has to speak to me. So most of the things I have hanging are either photographs or things I have collected, or they have an "interesting" or fun story attached.

This door was bought at an auction for $6. The pictures are attached to rods that are supposed to hang off another rod. Rearranging downstairs one day, I "hung" the rods off the door and kind of like it. These are some of my favorite pictures.

This window hangs at the bottom of the steps.
I etched on the panes the "Love Home Family" from Mary Engelbriet. I used some magnets I have as the guidelines on how to draw it out and used contact paper. The pictures are just taped onto the mirror (they are 5x7).

I love, love, love this wall. Each kid in was about 3 years old when the picture was taken. My favorite red transferware surrounds them.

This picture is displayed in a glass front cabinet.
This is our wedding day. (July will be our 2 year anniversary).
Hubby was bringing Little Man to the family, I was bringing the two girls.
It was very important to us to include them in the ceremony as much as possible.
We decided to include a "family" toast and had glasses for all of us with our first initials etched on them. I just love to see all their faces and their little hands in this picture.
The glasses are displayed beside the picture.

To round out the picture category is one of my favorites.
This display holds a dress that I and each of my girls wore.
Beside the dress is a picture of one of us in the dress.
Oldest daughter is on top, me in the middle, youngest on the bottom. I had a plaque engraved (you can see it below the dress) with each of our names and the year we wore it.

The next category is "other kinds of hanging stuff"
These do qualify as "mass produced" but they made the cut because they have a funny story. Hubby and I were at an auction and I literally turned my back for like 2 minutes and he had bought a bunch of junk posters. When I turned back around he had the funniest look on his face and it took me a few minutes to realize he had won something. I was all "You bought WHAT?? Seriously, WHY??" These poster things are kind of cool and I think if that story everytime I see them.

I love me some vinyl. I love because it is simple and sweet
and believe it or not I am a woman of few words.
(Sure my miles long posts would say otherwise, but I really am.)

The "C" is from The birds were blue, I just cut them out and put red paper behind it. I didn't plan the spacing very well so I couldn't center the "C" in the frame, but I kind of like the "off-centerness" of it. Again, "strangely interesting" works here. The crowns are a private family joke
(I am referred to as "The Queen" I just let hubby "think" he is the king.)
They lead into my next section called:

Every Home Needs Some Humor:

Before you get all "who does she think she is" this was BOUGHT FOR ME. I did not pick it out.
Again, Hubby bought this for me. He started this whole queen thing, don't blame me. Like the picture above...I didn't ask to be the princess or the queen...

Finally, the truly "strangely interesting" part of my house:

Here lies Baby Bird 1 and Baby Bird 2.
Little Man rescued them (a little too late) from Toto, our dog.
He brought them into the house to show me. To which I shrieked.
And them proceeded to carry them around a good part of the morning yesterday.
We finally had a birdie funeral yesterday afternoon complete with one verse of amazing grace. You can't see it very well, but daughter #2 donated one of her "Silly Bandz" (airplane shaped mind you...anyone else find that interesting? I did, but she didn't) to the grave.

In this box is a baby bird the neighbor rescued then gave to Little Man.
He brought this in the house too. I shrieked again.
What is sweet about this picture are the cracker crumbs and spade thing.
The kids asked what to feed the bird. I said
"You have to chew stuff up and spit it in the bird's mouth."
I thought I would hear "Ewwww." I heard "Okay!"

Yikes. I should have thought a little longer about the response.

The spade was where they caught worms and tried to cut them up for the bird.
Little Man held the bird while the girls tried to feed it.

That process was not so helpful for Baby Bird.
I checked on him this morning.
His funeral will be later today.

BTW, when Little Man was walking around with those baby birds I warned him to look out for the momma. She will get mad if she sees him with them and come peck his head. He now freaks out a little when he hears bird squawk.
(Is it demented that I am still laughing about that?)

That does is for Q Week. You've seen more of my life, would you consider it "strangely interesting or strangely pleasing?


  1. Oh, definitely pleasing. Not strange at all!

    Thank you so much for linking to my special touches party! I love these touches. I think my favorites are the door with the photos hanging from the rods and the dress that you and both of your daughters wore. Really wonderful! I have three sons, so little baby girl dresses look so especially darling to me. But I should frame something that all three of my boys wore. Considering how big they are now, I would probably have a hard time believing they were EVER that small!

    I like your Decorating A-Z! What a cool idea!

    Thanks again for linking up. Every blessing to you and your beautiful family.

  2. Oh Molly that was such a charming post. You home is pretty spotless too....and you have to realize I do clean before I take pictures lol!~ To be honest I am always cleaning, my sister use to say I was born with the dustbuster attached to my hand. Hope you had a lovely Mothers day. I really love that door for $6.00 that was a deal! The old window is cool too. I see you have plates around your pictures, I just loved that!

  3. Hi Molly! I like the things you have on your walls. Great door and I love the way you hung the pictures.

    Grinning about the birdy funeral. I have two boys who are now 18 and 20...we've had plenty of critter funerals.

  4. I loved the picture of the dresses that was really a neat idea. Also, you and your husband and the kids doing the toast was a great idea to make a blended family. Great post.

  5. oh my gosh you are very strangely pleasing ... as sad as it is, the bird tales were kinda funny ...and omg, love the crowns!!!

  6. A very pleasing post! I love the sweet little dress that you and your daughters wore!

  7. Strangely interesting AND pleasing. Love how you hung the pictures from the door. That is really clever...and the window frame is also a really innovative idea!

    You always give me so much to think about when I visit here each week. I walk through my house trying to decide how I can change things up to use some of your ideas!

    I really enjoy that!

    Thanks for helping make Alphabe-Thursday so fun!


  8. Quaint and Quirky...some fine ideas here...see ya soon...peace and blessings

  9. I love all the things on your wall....they are very sentimental and look great too....Sorry about the baby made me smile though....

  10. I like your rules about only getting things that REALLY speak to you! Sometimes I think we use things to just take up space even though we're not really in love with them.

  11. Molly this is a good post...thanks for sharing it with the new does tell a lot about you.

  12. Very pretty touches! I love the old door and the window frame. The baby dress is the best. I still have mine and my daughter wore it. I really need to frame it like this. Thanks for the inspiration! I just found your blog via Debbie's newbie party. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!

  13. What a great post. Love all of your special touches. I have been following you for a while. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Thanks.

  14. I really enjoyed reading your post. Congratulations on your beautiful blended family. God is so good to have brought you all together. I found you through Debbie's Newbie linkie party and I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll come over to Cottage and Creek and follow back. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I really think you have a lovely blog! I especially like your baby dress! I'm a fellow newbie and your newest follower!



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