Sunday, May 2, 2010

P is for Printer's Box

Last post of "P" week:

I have mentioned that I have a hoarder in training. My youngest collects EVERYTHING.
Acorns, paperclips, you name it.
She also has the most incredible ability to find the tiniest thing in the biggest place
She is my little treasure hunter...except she wants to keep every.single.thing.

She used to pile everything on her desk, or any other flat surface she can find. Which drives me insane. Then I remembered something.

When I was younger, my next door neighbor's mom was an antique fanatic. My friend had a printer's box in her room and she kept all kinds of little happiness in the tiny squares.
I always wanted one.

Truth be told, my youngest daughter is just like me. I had collections of all kinds of junk too. I really loved those little shaped erasers, oh and little cute Barbie doll shoes, and Smurfs.
Yeah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

After a few stalking sessions at my local Flea Market, I found a printer's box. Of course you also know that I am really not a big fan of wood so I painted it--
sur-PRISE, sur-PRISE, sur-PRISE (spoken in Gomer Pyle voice).

It has all kinds of nooks and crannies for all the wonderful treasures little chick hauls home.

Little puppies that won't pee on the floor will fit inside

Cute little miniature maracas from Mexico. Okay, so I picked those out.
I am still drawn to little tiny things.
It's a disease, kind of like birds and toile and hating wood and finials.

Little shell thing she got on a trip to the ocean with her dad.

What princess's printers box is complete with some bling?

So much better; however, I'm a little scared of how many printer's boxes I will have to find for this girl. She is finding more treasures...daily!!

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  1. Molly, I love when people collect things, I do and it is so much fun!!~ I am glad you thought of me when you found a cool piece to should do it, you will love it!

  2. Thank you so much for the great idea. I have a daughter that does the same thing. Right now all of her things are in her jewelry boxes and the jewelry is the the bathroom. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Now I know exactly what to do. Thank you again! Love it!!!

  3. What a great collection idea, I need to find one for m grand daughter, she loves tiny things too!

  4. The perfect way to showcase little bits of this and that!

  5. What a perfect post! I love the printer box. Lots of cool treasure

  6. What a great idea for all those tiny little things instead of them getting lost.

  7. It's actually called a printer's tray (you may find them more easily if you use tray or drawer in searching) and was originally a drawer in a 5' high chest with a tray for each font. Filled with the lead letters, these things are amazingly heavy. I have one hanging in my living room. Sorry, I love the wood too much to paint it. Yours came out great and is perfect for a little girl.

  8. Great idea! I may try something like that for my little hoarding granddaughter.

  9. great idea to keep all her treasures organized :D

  10. Oh Miss Molly, what a cutie you are. Your comment cracked me up. I wouldn't dream of blocking anyone. Unless they were camped outside my door or something like that. LOL I did however, change domains and am now officially If you copy and paste the new URL on your blog roll, it'll work! Promise. :)


  11. That's fantastic! I would collect things if I had something as cute to display them in! ;-)

  12. oh i love it! such wonderful treasures. i have a found a few printer boxes myself....i like to fill them with cookies and candies and give them to friends as hostess gifts

  13. What wonderful treasures you share with us this week for the letter "P"!

    My sister always had these.

    Thank you for a sweet memory of her!


  14. oh my gawd, i am sooooo totally jealous ... i have been searching for one for years and i just cant seem to locate one... lucky you!!! my daughter is also a collector, she has a giant bulleting board that she has so many things pinned to its impossible to see the cork!

  15. Oh no I want one they are so cute

  16. What a great idea. I actually really like the wood one you posted first. Sorry, from a sincere wood lover :). Your daughter's is wonderful too. I am a compulsive cuteness collector too, but I try to fight it.

  17. I like the wooden one, and I like them filled with little gruesome bits like teeth and bones and dried bugs.

  18. This is such a cute idea to house her collections. We used to find these for next to nothing, but they must be moving up on the popularity index because they have gotten really pricey around here. Good luck finding more! Kathy



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