Saturday, May 29, 2010

S is for Sink to Shelf

We're getting there.
Slow and steady wins the race.
I know what I am going to do about "U" and "W" and I even have an idea for "X" it's the other letters I am not so sure about.
But that is another week.
Right now I just have to worry about "S."
Decorating A-Z has been fun for me, I hope you guys have enjoyed it too.

This week I am going back to see Truvy and tell you about a small detail in her
beauty shop.
In case you forgot, my master bedroom used to be a beauty shop, complete with a hair washing sink.

This is along the wall as you enter the bedroom. I lived with it like this for a few months. Then I decided to make do with what I had until I could REALLY do it like I want to. If you want to see the full transformation of the bedroom, you can find it here.

This post is just about the sink.
The sink, the whole sink and nothing but the sink.
You saw the before.
This is me trying to live with it. I painted the cabinets and countertop black.
I reused a sink skirt that I made for my old house.
It was like putting a pig in a silk hat, or however that saying goes.

We had a plumber come and cut the pipes off and he took the sink off the wall. I was scared for him to cut the pipes all the way back to the wall, because frankly he scared with me all his talk of "water from the upstairs coming out these pipes."
I had visions of ruined carpet and a big mess.
You all know me well enough by now.
I'm impatient.
I just wanted a cosmetic fix.
I wasn't prepared for the commitment of the full on renovation.
So we were left with the pipes sticking pretty far out of the wall.

However, hubby started by putting a shelf on the bottom and then another one right on top of the pipes. To finish off the ends and make it look a little more professional, I had him put some trim molding along the fronts of the shelves.
He used the same trim along the countertop too which made it seem alot more like furniture. The thickness of the trim also helped block the view of the pipes.
Then I just painted everything black. I even painted the tips of the cut off valves on the pipes that were sl-i-gh-t-ly showing on the bottom
(I know you saw them. Don't try to lie to me!)
Now you never even notice them.

The next to last step was to rough up the edges a little and make it really look like a piece of furniture that I WANTED instead of something I was just
"making do" with.

The final step was to cute-ify it, but let's take one more look at Truvy's before:

and the much, much better after:

I'm joining in with the CSI Challenge for "molding." Come on over and see some neat ideas!!



  1. I love a good problem-solved! Ingenious! I love the new look.

  2. I think you did a great job hiding the pipes!
    It looks great painted black and distressed...


  3. This is such a clever and creative project. Well done!

  4. What a perfect solution! The shelves look great. I like all the cabinetry done in black, you have such a nice, big room!

  5. Looks great! So glad you got it done. I bet you sleep better with those pretty shelves too.

  6. Wow - look at that! It looks great!

    Thanks so much for linking up to The CSI Project's hardware Store Challenge! We hope you will come back next week for the Martha Stewart-inspired challenge -- The MS Craft Department are our guest judges!!!




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