Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T is for Toile!

Welcome to "T" week!!

I am finally going to get around to "Toile"

According to

Toile (twahl): A usually light-colored fabric printed with a scenic pattern or design often used in upholstery or for curtains

It is important to note the pronunciation for toile. It is said like "tw-aaah-l." Many people don't know exactly how to pronounce it, which is not really that big a deal unless people think that the name of my blog is TOIL in the family.
That is a whole different meaning, doncha think?

Anyway. I LOVE toile, not toil. It all started with my bedroom and I really have to contain myself so I don't have it everywhere. I love red toile especially, so I use that in my bedroom:

I use toile at Christmas: (toile ribbon and toile tree skirt)

I also love red transferware because it reminds me alot of my favorite toile. I use red transferware all over my house.

These plates are hung off this screen made from closet doors. Read about that here.

Then there is some fabric that I have that is reminiscent of toile. My roman shades:

The curtains on my screened in porch:
I try to be a LITTLE subtle in my uses of toile. While toile is a pattern that is typically used in large doses (i.e. on walls, windows, etc) I think I might get a little on toile overload.
I also try to not get everything I see in toile. You can find it now on paper, sheets, lampshades, frames, garbage name you can put toile on it.
For me, less is more.

I have mentioned redoing my bedroom.
Yeah, the one I haven't even perfected yet.
You can read about that post here and here.
Here is the fabric that I have (I literally HAVE it in my decorating closet, all 20 or so yards of it). I picked it because it has blue in it, it is a little toile-ish and I think it would look really nice with my regular red toile.
Wouldn't it be pretty with grayish blue walls?

I'll leave you with someone who doesn't have the same "less is more" opinion that I do:

Have a great week!

I will be linking up with Jenny and Alphabe-Thursday
Jenny Matlock


  1. Hi Molly!~ Hope all is well, have not seen you in a while. Is school out now? Tomorrow is our last day. Love your T was fun..and you had such pretty displays to show us.

  2. I love the red toile too! I love your red toile curtains and the green walls! I DO love the toile nails too! Joni

  3. I love the Roman shades. The design is amazing.

  4. I've always thought that transferware was very similar to toile. I love both too, but black is my favorite. Great post, and glad you finally got to do toile! Kathy

  5. I especially love the toile on the ribbon and the tree skirt. It just makes the tree look so special. Great T post.

  6. I love toile, too! I have a toile valance over my kitchen window and my favorite dishes are toile...(J & G Meakin Romantic England). That 5th picture down?...I've got that very plate!! Anyway, good luck in the drawing!

  7. I like toile but in small doses

  8. HANDSDOWN a fabric print of mine...Just get lost in it. I love it. Thanks for sharing this post@!

  9. I also love toile ... blue is my fave!

  10. in my old place i had black toile in my bathroom and i LOVED it. my new place doesn't suit the style...but i am still always drawn to it in the fabric store!

  11. I once had a bedroom full of toile. Drapes, comforter, pillows, etc...I finally had to move and gave it away. I do miss it. The closest pronunciation is "to all". As if you would say: to all a good night! I loved all your examples especially the painted nails. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Oh, I love toile, too!! My parents have alot of it in their house, and I just ga-ga over it! Their kitchen has white cabinets and the wallpaper is red/white toile. Very beautiful.
    OH, love your treeskirt!! Great idea, and I am going to pass that on to my mom!!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  13. All great examples of TOILE! (Love the nails!)

  14. Molly! Love the nails! I love toile, too, but I rarely use it in my decorating. I'm not sure why. I think I need to reconsider that because I had forgotten how charming it is!

    Thanks for a terrific stop on our little Alphabe-Thursday journey through the letter "T"!


  15. Such beauty in toile and transferware...Lovely post...Peace and blessings

  16. such pretty toile - love the painted nails :D

  17. LOVE toile & love the nails too :-)


  18. Hi Molly,

    I LOVE your blog name...very cute, clever play on words...which I love doing! And...I love toile and English transferware! This was a fun post. I had never seen toile fingernails until now!

    I'm your newest follower!


  19. Since red is my favorite color your post has really been like candy for me.

  20. Love the toile.

    blue is my favorite

  21. Hi, thanks for your comment on my trees. I had so many visitors this week because teacher put me at the front of the class!
    I want those fingernails!

  22. This is a great post! I love toile too!! Any color, and print!! I have it all over my house, in tiny doses. Personally, I don't think a person can have too much of it! LOL

    Thanks for sharing with us today. This is my first visit to your blog, so I shall stay awhile and read.

    Have a great productive weekend!

  23. Love the manicure!

    Great T post, have a wonderful weekend..

  24. You have a beautiful home and you've done a wonderful job incorporating toile. Enjoyed your pictures!

  25. I wondered who would use this word for the T post! I love toile and red transfer ware, so I loved your post!



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