Saturday, June 26, 2010

W is for Windows: Part III, Exterior Version

Last post on windows.
Have I worn you all out yet?

I have told you of my sea of beige.
Beige brick, beige shutters, beige trim.
Such a sad state.
Here is a shot of some of my beige before:

Hubby made the shutters for me.
You all helped me pick out the paint:
I went for the darkest brown (the one on the far right).
Hubby painted them for me and then got right on hanging them up.

The lower windows were no problem.
I held onto them (sort of) while hubby used a hammer drill to screw them into the brick.
The tricky part were those second story windows.
Remember this picture:
The left window wasn't that hard, I was able to hang out of the window and hand the tools to hubby as he needed them. He still had to hold the shutter up with one hand and drill with the other, but it went pretty smoothly.
Did I mention that he is freakishly strong?
He is 5'9" but he is solid muscle, I was impressed.

The nemesis was the right window.
I couldn't get the screen out to help him by hanging out the window so
he had to do it ALL by himself.
Hold the super heavy shutter, the super heavy hammer drill and keep the shutter level. According to him my job was to hold the ladder.
According to me my job was to hold the ladder and protect my head in the event he dropped the drill or the shutter.
Do you see foreshadowing here?

The shutter got the best of him.

It came crashing down and barely missed my head by what seemed like millimeters.
It came to rest on the air conditioner unit.
Thankfully nothing was damaged terribly, it was all purely cosmetic.
I was a little miffed that hubby was not more concerned about my condition, but he was probably lightheaded from holding all that crap up.
Before I show you the afters, I have to share a conversation that reminded me, once again, that God picked the right man for me.

Background: we are trying to extend that 20 foot ladder to its full height. (If you are unaware, as I was, an extendable ladder that is extended to its full height is really heavy and really hard to handle)

Hubby: Put your feet on the end of the ladder while I try to lower it.

Me: Okay, hang on (I have on flip flops)

At this point the ladder slips just a little

Me: Wait, it's slipping

The ladder slips again, I get scared, back up, let go of the ladder and it lands on hubby's back

Hubby (in an insanely calm voice): Put your feet on the ends of the ladder

Me:(while trying to put my feet on the ladder, I am bracing myself on the ladder, which is on his back)

Hubby: (still insanely calm) Please don't push on the ladder, it is on my back.

Really, that is all he said.

I wish you could have been there.
Super heavy ladder, wife adding more weight by pushing on it and he says "please."
I would have been hollering like a maniac.

Anyway, here are some before and afters:

This is the view as you come up the road to the house:

See that missing shutter?
That's where the one that almost killed me was
(said with some drama).

This is the view from the back (the area that is under the deck).
That is one of the back doors
(we have MANY means of egress, most of which I have painted "Crabby Apple")

Just a few more pics, just because hubby worked so hard on the shutters.
And maybe just a little hard on trying to kill me.

One of the windows on the deck

Looks so much more welcoming!!

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