Thursday, June 24, 2010

W is for Windows: Part II

I showed you my bird windows last time
Now I am going to wear you out with all the other windows in my house.
I have one more window post coming that involves the exterior.
When I get stuck on something, I REALLY stay stuck.
Think about the birds.
I ended that post with about 24.
You can add 10 more to that.
Maybe it's OCD, maybe I was deprived of birds in my childhood or maybe they are just super cute.

Anyway, this window post will be bird-free. Promise.

Here is a window that I use as a picture frame.
It is on the wall as you go down the steps to the den:
I used glass etching solution on this window instead of my beloved Frosted Glass Spray Paint.

Next up is the new window I have on my mantle. Here is what the mantle looked like before:
But I needed the tall window for the screened in porch project (shown in Part I.) And hubby came home from a yard sale with a $5 window that had some great character.
So I tweaked the mantle
("I have a project that needs some tweaking"-name that movie)
and here it is now:

I love this window because it still has the hinges and the old latch on it. Plus I love the panes.
BTW, I am still thinking about painting the bricks, but I am a little skeerd.
What color will I paint the mantle? Will all my accessories get lost in a sea of white?
Maybe I should paint the hearth white
Oh the doubt. Oh the confusion.

Next window up is in Little Man's room. This window was turned into a mirror:

Finally, I found some AMAZING leaded glass windows at,
yes you guessed it, another auction.

I simple leaned one up against the wall in the foyer:
This window was a whopping $12.50. It is almost 5 feet tall and pretty heavy.
I love it!
But, wait til you see his big brother:

I window hangs perpendicular from the wall.
When you walk in the garage door it felt like you just "fell into" the dining room.
Drove me crazy.
This window acts as a faux wall and I love that you can see through it so it doesn't block the view.
Here is the view from the other side:

Oh yeah, big bro was $30.

So excessive on the windows or just enough? I love them, I can't help myself.

Ah, yes, the movie is You've Got Mail. Anyone get it right?
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  1. If you are still stewing over that brick, what about having it drywalled over and then the mantle rehung?
    And I can't believe you've found so many darling windows for such great prices. Mostly, can't believe your kids haven't broken them. My boys would make short work of them for sure!

  2. This is such a great idea for decorating with windows. Who knew. Another great W post. So clever.

  3. Very nicely done. I never would have thought of using windows that way. I especially like the one on the mantle.

  4. Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous decorating idea! Love it!

  5. um...I know that we are supposed to stay on track with getting around to the even number posts if our name starts with.... but I just had to peek at part 2 of your windows! :o) Love what you did with these ones too!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I have some old stained glass ones from my parents old church.

  6. Love the window room divider. And all your other ideas! I am always enanmored of stained glass windows, too. I have several in the garage and I think you have inspired me to how to reinterpret them.

    Thank you for linking!




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