Saturday, June 12, 2010

Upping the Curb Appeal

Last week Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors issued a challenge for us to "Gitter Done."
I'm all about a challenge and it was perfect timing for "U" week
and to simply get something done!

In my last post I may have misled some of you that I got all those
"updates" done in less than a week.
So not true.

My point in that comment was that I redecorated this house when we moved
7 months ago and I have already started doing some things over.
So, for me to finish something that I didn't already "finish" was a big step!

For Donna's party we didn't have to do anything big and it didn't have to involve decorating, we just merely had to set a goal and get it done.
Well, you know me, everything has SOMETHING to do with decorating.
I chose to work on this:

My front entrance area.
The garage is perpendicular to the front door so the area around my front door is basically a driveway. There not alot to work with in term of curb appeal.

I've told you all about my beigeness.
Nothing was saved from the beige paint.
The door looked kind of weird just floating above the big beige sea.

It wasn't that much work.
I just really planted some flowers, hung a basket and painted the front step, but it really made a difference.
Here's the after:
I am planning on hanging some house numbers, I just can't find exactly what I am looking for. They will go in the area between the basket and the front door.

I put some flowers in the planter area and ooooh, there is a shutter...

You can see just a glimpse of my new shutters,
but you will have to come back for "W" week to see more of those and hear the story about hanging them. Let's just say only the air conditioner was injured in the process but almost not!

Come by Donna's and see what other people have gotten done and come back to me this week for "V." I have 2 posts planned and maybe you'll find something to take away from it!


  1. nice work on the curb appeal ...its much more appealing now! you have done a great job breaking up the beige with natural elements and colours!

  2. You did a fantastic job!!!

    Looks great!

  3. Way to GO!

    I'm a huge believer in the smallest things making the biggest impact. Your darker step really made a difference, anchoring the area nicely. And your flowers add just the right amount of pretty pop that will only get better.

    Lovely job! I'm glad GD helped to inspire you! Enjoy your new front door area. :)


  4. Really pretty. I love it when just a few small details make such a big difference. Great job!

  5. Looks great!! Love all the little accents... basket, step, shutter, plants... and paint can make such a difference sometimes!! Love your house!


  6. I think it all made a big difference and looks terrific. I noticed the new shutter and it looks great too! You even have room for a metal trellis in the planter to go with you hanging basket since you have a large wall. Love that hanging basket by the way! Hope you don't mind the suggestion.

  7. So inviting. I love it. I know how good it makes you feel to drive up to your home and want to put your arms around it. And when the house isn't quite worthy of that hug it is so disappointing. You must be so proud now. Thanks for sharing!




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