Monday, April 19, 2010

Outdoor Dilemma

I've made it to "O" week.
I am just going to skip over all the innuendos that could apply here and go directly to my DECORATING post:

I am adapting this post so I can join in with Amanda at Serenity Now for another one of her "Decorating Dilemma" parties.

I have a "dirty" white house with a brown roof.
When we moved in one of the first projects I did was paint the front door red
(Crabby Apple Red by Sherwin Williams).

I LOVE my front door. No matter what you blogging people do,
I will NEVER want to change the color of my front door.
Wait, did someone paint their front door neon green? That might look cool too...
just kidding. I seriously have no plans to change my mind on this.

What I need some input on are my shutters. The shutters are currently just a few shades darker than the house...and that is SO not my style.
Look at those shutters...see what I mean. BLEEEEECK!
Hubby made me some new shutters and I, for the life of me, CANNOT decide on a color.

I have three shutters painted three different colors. What do you think?

Option #1 (Dark Rockwood Red)

Option #2 (French Roast)

Option #3 (some dark brown I can't think of the name of)

Now, here is a shot of all of them with the door as a coordinating color reference:
They go (from left to right) Options 1, 2, and 3
Look at it again from far off with more of the house:
Again (L toR) Options 1, 2, 3
That one shutter closest to the window is also painted in Option 1.

Please vote.
But let me say that option #1 (which is the color I started with and have had on display for 2 months) looks rather purple in sunlight. Not to let that sway the votes...
I really want to get my shutters hung up.


  1. Color is the hardest thing for me, that is why I dread painting, because of color choices.
    The only time I ever did a bit of good,choosing paint color, was when we had the outside of our previous house painted. It looked 100% better and all the neighbors loved it too. My point is... I could vote, but it wouldn't necessarily be the right color, you know?
    So I'm going with Options 2 Rockwood Red

  2. I like the French Roast - I thought it was option 2...but the above comment is making me wonder? You could also make ths shutters match exactly; that's probably what I would do.

  3. Okay, can I "write in" a vote for black? I've got the same color front door and black shutters and I love it....especially if you can tie in the black on the door with hardware/wreath hanger/you get the idea.


  4. Hi, Molly. I'll add the link for you, but please be sure to add an actual link to my party. Thanks! I'll be back to visit later...have a birthday coffee meeting planned for this morning. :) Have fun "mingling!"

  5. stopping by from Amanda's party-well, no expert here for sure, but when I saw the red door my first thought was black too. out of the three colors you painted, I would go with the last one, the brown, not sure about the other shades of red with the red of the door-love your door

  6. Of the three options you posted, I like the third one the best. But - I would also think about black, or matching the door. :-)

  7. I love your doors, definitely ignore blog land trends there and stick with 'em! They're so welcoming!

    For your shutters, I'm jumping on the black bandwagon too, sorry! Although if you're heart is set on a red, I like #2 best.

  8. If you really want to go red, I think #2 is best b/c it looks closest to the color of the door. (But my computer screen could be off) I personally would go for black, but I know you are looking for color. So my vote is for #2. :) PS. I love the pieces you have on the doors!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party. I hope you're having fun "mingling." :)

  9. I say #2 also. It's similar to the door. I do also like Amanda's idea of black. Very interesting...

    I have to agree that your current monotone shutters are not doing a thing for your curb appeal (and I'm so glad you love your door! Color is good!)

  10. I like the 3rd option, the mysterious brown! I also think black would look AWESOME!!!

  11. Those shutters are so cute!!! Ok, this is just my opinion, but what about painting them the same shade as your door? I think that would be really nice. Or I also like Kendalls suggestion of black.

    Good luck - it will be so cute!


  12. If I had to pick, I'd choose #3 because it doesn't compete as much with the red door, but if I could pick a new color, I'd pick black! I love black! I adore your front door color!

  13. I like the black option also (although it wasn't really one of the choices.) No way to #1 - too purple compared to the front door. #2 was nice. Good job to hubby for making those shutters.

  14. The current shutters definitely just disappear. I would have to suggest black or the same color as your door. I can't see, but are there windows to the left of the door? I really like the new shutters your hubby made.

  15. Hands down...french roast. it will be beautiful and make the windows pop!

  16. I vote for #2 or the same color as the door. :-) I love your doors.

  17. My vote is also #2, or the door color, or black. I LOVE your door color. But it might be too much. So I really like the black option. Just depends on what YOU want most. If it's something more matching, then I really think 2 is the best choice.

  18. Molly, I love your red door, have you thought of taking that shade and adding black--that is how paint folks change colors tonally, by adding white or black, it will make the same color, deeper, richer and in the same shade, different tone. I'm sorry, I do not like the browns with red. Just a personal thing. Black is a nice rich idea also, but I like the darkened red idea--ha mine :) see you Fri. cb

  19. French toast with the red door would be my pick!~ I love your shutters wait til they go up, you will love how it looks.

  20. You have a good eye for color. My personal vote is dark rockwood red - or love the suggestion of darkening up the door color for the contrast.

  21. That is the perfect colour for your front door! I personally think though, that if you aren't going to perfectly match the colour of the front door on your shutters, you should do something very different, otherwise it might look like you were trying to match and couldn't. I think a dark slate gray (which would be less harsh than a black but would still provide depth and interest) would be perfect. If slate gray isn't your thing, I would go for your option #3, for the same reasons that I stated above. Best of luck and keep us posted!

  22. I also think the french roast color is best of your choices (not french TOAST as mentioned in another comment...ha isn't that the color they are currently??), but I also really like the look of black on a white or yellow house. It is like mascara on the eyes of the house :) I would paint one black, one the door color and the other the french roast and THEN compare. Just my two cents. Add I wish my man could build shutters like yours--lucky lady! :)

  23. Black :)

    I actually like the cream too, but it probably won't sway you if you like monotone.



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