Thursday, April 8, 2010

M is for Mantles

Okay, so I know "M" week was last week.

Simple truth, I wanted to play with the Nester and her mantle party.

Complete disclosure, I want to be her friend.
She is awesome. It is her fault that my first post of "N" week is "Never satisfied." It has nothing to do with the fact that I am, in truth, never satistfied.

Anyway, get in your time machines and go back to "M" week with me.

This will be relatively quick, painless, and full of pictures. I have an upstairs mantle and a downstairs mantle. Let's start with the upstairs:

Here is how my mantle looked at Christmas:

Here is the same mantle at Valentine's:

Finally here is how the mantle looks right now (I haven't taken down the Easter stuff yet, don't judge me):
Yeah, I know. Terrible shot. Told you. I really wanted to get this done.

Here is the downstairs mantle (I only have pics of this one handy for the current season.
Yes I am THAT needy. I just want to be part of the Nester's party.

Finally, I have one more "mantle" in my bedroom. I (my hubby actually) made it to serve as a shelf for the entrance to the bedroom. You can read more about the bedroom semi-transformation here.

That's all I got. Come by the Nester's for more (better) mantle inspiration!

Jenny Matlock


  1. how fun that you have several surfaces to play around with. Love how each one has a different look!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. I love all your whimsy colorful mantels!~ I am so tickled you loved my spray paint choice:) I really love that simple cheapo was fun to do:) I hope to see you over at my blog again sometime:)

  3. Lucky girl... more than one mantel, they look fabulous. I love the "mantel" in your bedroom. Great idea. :-)

  4. Mantels are so fun. In my current home we don't have one...sigh! I did enjoy mine in my last home. Joni

  5. Your mantels are lovely! It is still Easter Season so it is good that you still have the Easter decor up!

  6. Your mantles are iMaginative! M is also for Molly. :)

  7. I wish I had a mantle. Great looks for the seasons.

  8. what lovely mantel displays.

  9. one mantle many marvelous looks :D

  10. How wonderful that you change it with the seasons or holidays!

  11. I wish I had built in book shelves on either side of my fireplace! I need some storage and display space! :-)

  12. But this is "M" week at Alphabe-Thursday silly girl!

    You have quite the flair for decorating!

    Thanks for sharing these marvelously creative ideas with us on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "M"!


  13. What delightful mantle-scapes! I love them all... especially that little one!

  14. lovely decorating ... i wish i had a mantle ...

  15. Great, creative ideas! Well done.

  16. You had me worried for a second. I did an M post too, but this is the M week!

    You're very good at decorating your mantles for the different holidays. Very nice.



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