Thursday, April 29, 2010

P is for Pea Green

I'm more than halfway done in my quest to organize my decorating and my blog.
It's "P" week!! Whoo Hoo!!

You saw my bird mantle last week. This week in honor of "P" week, I am going to show you my "Pea Green-Peter Cottontail" mantle.

This mantle is downstairs in the den/laundry area/craft area/junk pile.

This is the same concrete bunny you saw here. I moved the square wreath down and added the green tree/plant. I LOVE the pot that it is in.

More greenery in another one of those pots.

The top of the mantle has two empty frames with a metal flower inside, along with a green mirror I found at Fred's.

For Valentine's Day these rabbits sported red toile neckties. I changed them out to green to match the rest of the "Pea Green" mantle.
I had to tie the ribbon on because I removed some twisty raffia-daisy looking thing that was GLUED around their necks.
When I took it off it ripped some of the paper mache stuff off the rabbits.
Kind of like the woman with the velvet ribbon...anyone know that story?

"I to-o-o-o-o-ld you you'd be sor-r-r-r-r-r-r-y!"

(go read the story if that makes no sense to you!)

Full shot of mantle

Funky shot of mantle

Happy Weekend! See you soon (probably Saturday) with a post about a solution for hoarding! (sort of)

Come see Ms. Jenny!
Jenny Matlock


  1. "I told you you'd be sooorrrrryyy" Read it to the kids every Halloween. Bunny's head didn't fall off did it? ;) Gosh didn't read blog Thurs night so we could discuss Friday. So sorry. You are putting me to shame here, you've changed the mantel again, I'm gona have to hire you to do mine at least every few months, anything is better than my once in 15 years, hahahahah. Have a great weekend. c

  2. Cute display to celebrate the changing seasons.

  3. No Pea Green Soup? Come on? That was a fun post. thanks for sharing.

  4. OMG! Yes I know that story! My Aunt told us the story of the woman with the velvet ribbon around her neck every time we saw her! LOL Last year when I saw my cousin we had a good laugh over it. LOVE it!! Thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory!!!

  5. This was a pretty perfect post! I loved stopping by! Thanks Anne

  6. I love it. You sure have a way with mantles.

  7. I love how you add new elements each week.

  8. So inventive! Wanna come help me decorate my mantel?

  9. wow! On my mantle I have my collection of antique candlesticks, glass, metal, copper, wood, get the picture and an old clock that I need to wind up each week and I sometimes forget. I need to be more creative with my mantle! I look to you for ideas and inspiration!

  10. What a fabulous looking mantle! I so envy your talents!!

  11. What a clever interpretation for your mantle. The frames are so different!

    What a creative stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "P"!

    Thanks for participating!


  12. Molly,
    I have a mantle that really needs your touch. What a wonderful gift you have!

  13. i love all of the frames ... your mantel looks fab!

  14. Lovely and reminiscent of spring moving in to summer. I love rabbits!

  15. I love your mantle, especially those frames. What a great idea. And I do remember the story, it used to scare the heck out of me when I was a kid. Kathy



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