Saturday, April 10, 2010

N is for Never Satisfied

"My wife isn't hard to please. She is just hard to keep pleased."

True quote said by my hubby...about me.

I can't be mad at him, really I can't. Why you ask?

Because, unfortunately for me, IT. IS. SO. TRUE.

Welcome to "N" week (one week late due to Spring Break!):

We moved into this house on Halloween.

Stop yelling, I know I've told you already. Maybe there is someone who didn't know that. I said that for them, OKAY??
Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was saying we just moved into this house. I proceeded to paint every. square. inch pretty much before Christmas.

Right before we moved, I started blogging. Seeing all the lovely things you people do everyday has truly inspired me. Thanks to you I am now obsessed with birds and burlap and
I am now second guessing every color choice I made-just four months ago.

Case in point. The built ins shown above. In October I painted the backs of them red.
I love red. I really do, but now I started thinking I have too much red. My couch is red as are my chairs and the ottoman.
I was also concerned that my house was looking a little too much like a condiment stand--you know, ketchup and mustard.
So...I spent some precious hours of my spring break repainting those suckers. lovely red:

After, a much more subdued blue:
Yeah, there is still one shelf that still has red behind it. The big ole' TV is there and I didn't feel like moving it yet.

Here is another angle of before:

Yeah, that is "Hoarders" on the TV. I love that show. I do; however, think my youngest daughter is going to be on that show one day. But that is a post for another day.

Here is an after angle (the view you get when you come up the steps:
I know it is kind of hard to tell with the red behind the TV. Haven't motivated myself yet.
And, in case you were wondering, that is "Minute to Win It." My family likes that show. They like to compete along with the contestants.

The next project is to repaint my entry way. It is also red. It is going to go a shade lighter than my living room walls.

Oh yeah, and I am thinking about redoing my bedroom. Yeah, that one.
Don't tell hubby. He doesn't know yet.
But it really isn't that big of a deal. Just different paint color and different dust ruffle. I even already have the fabric.
Guess what color. Yeah, blue.
I don't know what is wrong with me. Oh yeah, I know I have the
"can't stay satisfied-itis."
Told you he was right.
You are starting to see things his way aren't you...

Come join me for Alphabe-Thursday:
Jenny Matlock


  1. I love the blue you chose! We moved into our new house six months ago, and I'm ready to change paint color, too! In our greatroom, I wanted a golden yellow that reads as a neutral, but what I got is just yellow. I'm ready for a change, but there's no stopping place - it's in the kitchen, dining area, living room and down the hall. So until I get froggy, I'm right there at "N" with you!

  2. I totally understand how blogging makes you want to change everything. Red is my main accent color and has been for years. I have tried to stay with pretty much the same colors, but just change out accessories and fabrics. I think the new color on the backs of the shelves looks great! Can't wait to see what other changes you make.

  3. I find myself doing the same thing. I think I like something and then I see something else. My house is in a constant state of change. My husband is to the point where he just smiles and listens. I guess I have worn him down :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will come back again!

  4. Thanks for the comment, love you blog. We kind of started around the same time. So we are newbies together. We have a link, both my daughters teach. Third and kindergarten in Texas. I love your condiment comment about your colors, I love red too and adore my red couch.

  5. Well Molly you just saw how I am a constant change in motion here:) I love it, and I keep it all within reason...if I splurge on something big, I have that forever, it's the little things:) Nice to see you tonight!

  6. I think you're ambitious. I talk myself out of doing projects all the time. I like the shade of blue you chose.

  7. Aww, it's just paint. That's easy to change when you feel like it. Good thing you didn't have wall paper LOL.

  8. I wish that I had the painting itch. I need to paint terribly but just can't get motivated. Love your blue!

  9. i think you ought to leave the one red spot. it kind of gives it a little funky. and funky is a really good thing.

  10. i like the blue ... very pretty!

  11. I wish I could paint My husband left me in August ( 7 years of affairs on his part) and I am trying to change things

  12. In the first 8 years we lived in our house, every room was painted 3 times, some 4! You go, girl!

  13. I like that you keep experimenting. I tend to stick with the same colors.

  14. Thank heavens, at 65, I no longer do any of that. I lost my job of 21 years over a year ago and had to retire. My income dropped $90,000 a year - which is massive and I can barely make ends meet. Before that, I was a world traveler ( did 78 cruises in 15 years, plus lots of other travel ), now a trip to the grocery is a major journey! I have to downsize, find a new, MUCH SMALLER place to live, put lots of things on Craig's list. It's not easy but I realize I don't need nearly so much anymore. I will keep things that I truly love, though. Can't give it all up, that's for sure.

  15. love the ketchup and mustard comment LOL :D

    hey, at least paint is cheap, you could be buying all new furniture every time too :D

  16. Molly, what a fun Alphabe-Thursday stop on this little journey through the letter "N"!

    Is your red sofa upholstered in nainsook by any chance?

    I am just torturing you all this week with words from my obscure word dictionary...

    Because that's what teachers do.

    I think.

    You have such a great style...and I really like that shade of blue with the brick.

    Thanks for participating!


  17. When you're done there, please come paint my bedroom. Your color choices look great, and I love both ketchup and mustard. I'm a strong believer in that you should go with what YOU like, since it's your home. Forget the trends and what others think. If it makes YOU happy, do it.

  18. I love the blue...pretty color! Paint is easy enough to change. If you are motivated to do the work, I say go for it. Stop by to read my N post if you get a chance.

  19. I like the one red spot, too. I had all kinds of plans for renovating our house, but since it might be the bank's house soon, I'm cooling my heels.

  20. I think it is important to change your house whenever you need to! Paint is the cheapest wa to completely change a room and then adding a few color accents makes it NEW to you and since it's where you spend your time it needs to make you happy!

  21. we are women, we change our minds...embrace it! great n post....



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