Sunday, February 14, 2010

Granny Smith to Grass to GOOD GRIEF!

It's "G" week and I thought about you guys ALL DAY Saturday. My title describes, in a nutshell, how my Saturday went.

I don't even know where to start with this blog, it could be huge, so I am going to give you just a small bit of information.

My master bedroom used to be a beauty shop. I'm not kidding. It makes me think of Truvy's shop in Steel Magnolias. I have a hair washing sink about 8 feet from my bed. I have to walk past it to get to the bathroom. It is not even a little bit cute. Look at would you feel?

When we bought the house we had, and still have, grand plans to renovate. I already have the fabric and the inspiration chair. But that is probably going to cost big bucks, so it may take a little while to get to it.

I decided to make the most of what I have, sink and all, so I painted my master bedroom this weekend. All in all it actually took me about 3 days. SERIOUSLY. When I say I thought about you guys all day, I mean it because I spent 12 HOURS on Saturday painting my bedroom.

First, in my defense, it is a pretty large room, it's a beauty shop for crying out loud. BUT, I am a pretty good painter. I can paint without taping off and with little to no drips (unless of course I am in hour 10!!) SO for me to spend more than 3 hours on a room, it is a bad thing.

I also learned the lesson of lighting and paint color. I painted my room at my old house "Rye Grass" and it looked so nice with my red toile. It was just a little darker than a Granny Smith apple. I painted that in this room and it looked like 1980's mint green. Not to mention the fact that the walls are covered in ugly textured paneling and I always use satin sheen paint.
So I had 1/2 a room painted with mint green, shining paint showing me every nook and cranny of my paneling (not something I was hoping to accentuate.)

Look at that! I was about to go insane. I don't know if it was the paneling, the paint or the painter.

So, I went a shade darker on the paint chip plus flat finish and starting painting. The nooks and crannies were almost the death of me. THREE COATS OF PAINT (not even counting the two coats of mint green.) Now it is more like grass green. But! I am done (besides the trim) and I DO like it. I am going to reveal it all to you in a later post. I have to keep you coming back!

For me this was a lesson in making do. Yeah, I could have lived with it like this:

until we were ready to gut the downstairs. But it is amazing what a few hours, (okay maybe more then a few) a little paint and some accessories can do for a beauty shop!
What area are you putting off because you are too intimidated?
Don't be the person who lives in something they don't love just because they think they have to "gut it all" in order to achieve any sense of beauty.

Literally, just a little paint and a little accessorizing and here is a small sneak peek:

I still have a ton of stuff yet to do in there. Some of the things include:

  • adding a large shelf on the wall by the door
  • repainting and add some detail to the "beauty shop" section of the room
  • installing new light fixtures
  • reupolstering a chest
  • painting my silver lamps
  • hanging plates and other art on the walls
  • installing bamboo shades
  • accesorizing the "surfaces"

I am hoping to get most of this done by "M" week (that is 3 weeks by the way) so check back and see if I make my deadline!

Here's who I'm going to play with:


"Show me the Progress" over at Serenity Now


  1. Wow, it looks like you did a good job. I love the fabrics you chose. Since you are a good painter - I also paint A LOT. Did you know about the paint with primer already in it? My daughter used it with great results she painted flat over semi gloss. (I think she got it at Home Depot.) I also love Ben. Moore's Aura brand, it also takes one coat. For real.

  2. Love the shade you went with. It looks great with your fabrics. Thanks for sharing your painting "challenges" with the POPP.

  3. Ooo--I really think I like the paint color you went with! :) I have NEVER heard of someone's room being a former beauty parlor that is hilarious, interesting, scary, and inspiring all at the same time. ;) Inspiring, b/c it has so much potential!

    Thanks for linking up. :)

  4. If you hadn't shown us the sink picture, I'm not sure I would have believed that you pretty bedroom was a beauty shop. Way to go to stick with painting to complete three coats. It's looks like you are well on your way to having a great space.

  5. I'm with Paula, I couldn't imagine it until I saw the sink! Look what to did to make it an amazing space!!!!! It looks fantastic now!!!


  6. I love the color!! It looks great! You are so right, it's good with your red toile. What did you do with the sink? Did you take it out?

  7. Hi I'm visiting from Amanda's blog. I love the final wall color. I can't believe you have a sink i your bedroom, does it still work? Maybe there's a way you could have a working fountain in you master bedroom with the existing plumbing? Just a thought... :-) Take care.

  8. Hi. I'm stopping by from Serenity Now. I think that your walls came out beautifully. Paneling can be a real bummer sometimes. Ugh! You did a great job, and I think that you made the right decision by going forward with a makeover on your bedroom. It may not be the perfect "down the road" plan, but loving the space you have is so important. I wish you luck and continued success. :)

  9. Love the did a great job....totally impressed...



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