Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fear is a Four Letter Word!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

(If you can name that quote, you definitely grew up in the 80's)

Okay, okay I won't keep you suspense. It is the "theme music" from the Friday the 13th movies.
I'm dedicating this blog to my best friend for 27 years , Kim. I had planned to write a blog about fear, but a conversation via text message with her last night sealed the deal. So here we go, week #6 is "F" week and the first blog is dedicated to FEAR!

I have some sweet friends who compliment my home when they come visit and friends who ask my opinion on decorating from time to time. My answer is almost always, if you love it, get it. If you are buying it just because it is trendy, don't wouldn't waste your money. If you are buying it because you love it then you will probably love it for a long time and will always find a place for it in your home.

Warning, this blog is going to be lengthy, I feel pretty passionate about this.

I LOVE toile, especially red toile. I have LOVED toile for a very, very long time--like 10 years-I even loved it before you could buy everything and its brother in toile. I waited for a couple years to redo my bedroom using my favorite red toile. Yes, I was nervous about it. Big fabric commitment. Couple hundred dollars worth (I did find it on the $6.98/yard table at Hancock's, I took that as a sign). But here we are 7 years later and I still love it.

Now, I know you are thinking, "yeah it is easy to be brave about a small accessory. But then I get it home and get all stressed about where to put it." (sound familiar Kim?) I'll tell you like I told my BFF, as long as it doesn't involve having to glue it down, just give it a try and if it doesn't work out try again.

Just don't make me recite the Try Again poem I learned in 3rd grade, because I'll do it, ask my kids.

I have already told you about my entertainment center mistake. Have I told you about the time I ordered a rug and then cried because it wasn't right at all? (Luckily I was able to return it). Needless to say, I, too have a fear of making decorating decisions. I live with fabric swatches and paint chips for like a month before I commit. It is especially hard for me to decide where to hang things. I always end up wishing I had hung something else in that space. I did find 3M adhesive strips to hang pictures with. (They are very similar to the command hooks) These have helped me "live with" some pictures before I made the committment.

When I can't "try it before I drive the nail," (or have my hubby drive the nail) here is what happens many times at my house:

Those white spots are VERY LARGE holes because those shelves require anchors to hold them in place. Look at those ten. large. spots. and then know that I changed my mind TWO MORE TIMES about where those shelves could go. Pitiful I tell you. Here's how the conversation between me and hubby goes:

Me (from the offending room): Ummmm, Honee-e-e-e-y? Could you come here?

Hubby: (with hesitation and a reluctant smirk): What is it sweetie?

Much of the rest of the conversation is done through non-verbal communication...

Me: (Head cocked to the side, nervous smile, looking past hubby to the offending wall-no words spoken)

Hubby: (Looks around like he is clueless--he's not, he is just playing along) You like the shelves? (or picture or clock or 100 pound stone statue he had to get 10 people to help him hang-well, I'm not really a statue kind of girl, but you get the idea)

Me: (wrinking nose, ever-so-slightly shaking head from side to side)

Hubby: (speaking like he is shocked and a little irritated) You want me to move those AGAIN?

Me: (ever so quietly) please?

Then hubby looks at me and smiles and says, "Okay, but I want to go on record that this is not my fault!"

(He is really a sweetie and very patient with me and my indecision. He has stopped asking about the various pictures propped against walls and fabric and paint swatches taped to them. God definitely knew what he was doing when he put us together.)

I have decided that if a decorating problem can be solved with a can of paint or a little fabric, I am not going to stress over it (no matter how much money I spent on it). I am a Southern Living at Home consultant and over the years I have acquired some items that weren't really my style. In the past (really just a few months ago) I would have thought "I can't paint this, do I know how much this costs? Yes, I do know how much it costs. There's no way I am going to ruin it with paint"

Yes I know the second sign of losing your mind is answering when you talk to yourself. I'm okay with it. I'm content in my craziness, I blame it on 3 kids and 2 dogs.

But, I finally decided it is RIDICULOUS to keep them in a bin waiting for my next show (which I rarely do anymore-no time) I should be enjoying them for crying outloud. So, here is one of a pair of candlesticks that I somehow acquired. I did not like the color, it faded right into my wall color. Totally boring.

I wanted some white candlesticks so instead of paying even $1 for a "new to me" one, I brought these babies out of the box and sprayed them like there is no tomorrow. Now, I love them!

Aren't they cute on my Valentine's mantle?

How about this tray? Great lines and detail. Rusty brown color. Really the color is not bad, but it just blends right into my countertop.

Another shot of white spray paint and the details pop right out.

I was stalking, I mean reading, the Nester's blog today and I saw this picture of her lovely home:

Yeah, I know. Go visit her and get all jealous too. It's okay, I do it all the time. Anyway, aside from loving it all (especially that couch) look over to the far right. See the black picture frames? Yeah? Okay look at that blue triangle shaped sconce on the wall below one of the frames. I don't know this for sure (cause I haven't gotten to be her friend yet) but that looks incredibly similar to this Southern Living at Home "Sassy Wall Sconce"

I have one of those! I do love red, but I have alot of it in my house. Here I am preaching to you about fear and I NEVER THOUGHT TO PAINT IT! See we all have so much to learn! I may have to break out some spray paint (as soon as I can find where I packed that sconce!)

And yes, I do inspect every detail of people's homes when I see pictures of them.

Remember, I am a "Tom the peeper" just not a climb into the bushes kind, more like the drive by kind.

Oooh, I thought of another one. I had a guy come help with some small renovations in my kitchen. One of the items was to enlarge my kitchen island. He added a larger top, beadboard and some great legs.

He (and especially I) was thrilled with the results. Then I made the mistake of telling him I was going to paint it red. He tried to hide it, but I could tell he thought I was crazy (the carry on my own conversation kind of crazy). There was a moment, I'll be honest, that I got a little nervous. What if I ruin it? But I pressed on and opened my favorite red color (Martha Stewart's Hollyhock) and put the brush to the island. It is fab. Even my kitchen guy was impressed. I wanted to get all gangsta on him and say "Yeah, take that kitchen man!" But I just simply said thanks and then complimented his work.

You'll have to live with this picture for a few more weeks. I'm not showing the rest until "I" week. (You think of another idea for "I" and I'll reconsider, it's a tough letter!)

I'll also tell you when you have those moments of victory--hang onto them. File them in your memory so when the fear creeps in you can remind yourself that you have been successful before. You can and will be successful again. Even Thomas Edison failed many times before he finally invented the lightbulb! I am so wanting to recite my poem...I'll spare you the misery, this time (wah-ah-ah-ah-ah)

I'm off to do some more stalking, rats, I mean reading!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha


  1. Yep, they are those sconces! It helped that I only paid $1 @ for them at a yard sale--and I have three! They took paint great!

    Toileies unite!

  2. Great post! I love your bed and the dust ruffle plaid is sweet. Red is my color too. Your gonna love my toile it's a little different from yours and on my dining chairs.

  3. You're so funny, Molly:) I've had those same thoughts about how much things cost and painting them, but I think I may just go for it! Your white candlesticks look awesome - so much better than before!

    If you can skip to "I" before the snow melts you could make an igloo;) Or you could do something on indecision!!

  4. Love your Valentines mantel!!! :) So pretty. Thanks for the visit, and I hope you'll come back and join in for Decorating Dilemmas. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like the idea of baskets on top of my cabinets too. I always need a place to stash more stuff.

    I did take a peek at your cabinet tops from Christmas and the big ornaments on top were CUTE!!!

    Love your blog! I'll have to check back to see the whole red island. Red is my favorite too. My kitchen/dining is supposed to get painted red this weekend (fingers crossed). I'm in love with toile as well - have been since I was a little girl. That sounds weird, huh? My grandparents room was black and white toile.

    I'll check back with ya!



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