Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mighty Warrior

Welcome to my first post of "M" week.

I have mentioned "Little Man" in previous blogs and today I am going to show you a project from his room.
First of all, he is called "Little Man" because he is very small for his age (he is 5 1/2 and looks about 3). I try to encourage him with "big" talk and expect more from him than a lot of people do. That being said, he is IN LOVE with Star Wars
(but, heck, what 5-105 year old man-child isn't).

I love vinyl quotes, but most of the time I can't find the quote I am looking for.
Yes, I know I could get some custom stuff, but I like the embellishments and variety of fonts the pre-designed stuff has
(plus I don't have the patience to create from scratch. I am a tweaker, not a creator).

I LOVE the quote from Judges 6:12, referring to Gideon,
"The Lord is with you mighty warrior."
That is PERFECT for little man. He is my mighty warrior, even in his size 7 (toddler) shoes. And that quote fits wonderfully in a semi-Star Wars theme room.
(I am also not a "theme-y" room person. That means I do it subtly-no Star Wars bedding or curtains, just little touches here and there.)

Here is how I created this quote for my little man:

Step 1:
I decided how much of the wall I wanted to take up, then drew level lines using chalk. (I did top and bottom lines to make sure my letters were somewhat the same size.)

Step 2:
Write the quote on the lines also with chalk.

Chalk is super easy to erase and you can easily paint over it. I used to use pencil, but could still see the pencil marks under the paint.

I free-handed this design. Now, first let me tell you I am no professional by even a stretch of your imagination. I just have pretty decent handwriting and a fairly steady hand. I simply found a font on the computer that looked "kiddish" and used that for my inspiration. This is doable for just about anyone, but you could print this out and create a stencil if you'd rather.

Step 3:
Step back and make sure it is large enough, centered, in the proper scale, etc.

Step 4:

Paint over the chalked-in words. I just used craft paint (the kind you can get for like $1 at Walmart, etc.)

Step 5:
Erase the lines and step back and enjoy.

Here you can see the chalk lines. You can even see where I don't write EXACTLY on top of the chalk. I almost always write bigger with paint than I do with chalk--another sign that I am no professional.

The sweetest thing was just this week I was putting little man to bed and he was staring at the quote. (He is in kindergarten and learning to read). He asked me what the last two words were, so I told him and he then read the whole thing to me.
I told him that meant he was strong and brave.
He just said "I know."

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  1. Ah, how sweet. You have the gift of encouragement. Love the scripture verse you used. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  2. Love that you put scripture in your "little man's" room. Thanks for the chalk tip, I'll have to try that next time I'm doing lettering. Thanks for sharing at the POPP.

  3. Wow, you did a wonderful job on painting those quotes on the wall. It looks very professional.

  4. Thank you for sharing the how of this process, but what is even more important is how you feel about your "little man". I am a pre-k teacher and that is hands-down the best age. This is when their personalities are forming and they are so special! What a teffific quote and I am now a follower of your terrific blog!

  5. What a wonderful M post. The lettering looks great, thanks for sharing the process.
    The Road to Here

  6. I love this! JDaniel may end up with this in his room too.

  7. When do you actually get to sleep! Girl, you have some energy now!

  8. Molly,

    This is such a wonderful M post! I wish I could teach your little mighty warrior. I teach kindergarten in a private Christian k-12 school. I hope you get a chance to check out my M post!

  9. I think you had a very good idea and I'm glad little man was pleased. One of my sons was in the third percentile on the growth charts. In class pictures he's always in the front row. He finally grew in college.



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