Wednesday, March 17, 2010

K is also for KICKS!

Anyone who knows even a little bit knows I am all about a cute pair of shoes.
But really, who am I kidding, what girl isn't!

When I saw there was a shoe party I was so excited! But wait, shoes start with an "S" and I am still on "K" week (yes I am that much of a control freak)
how can I play and make it work with "K" week?

Ha ha ha: KICKS!
I am going to show you my kicks and join in on the shoe (whoops, I mean Kicks) party!

I picked my 4 favorites to share. Before looking at these, remember I am an elementary school teacher. Now go be impressed...or laugh at me and tell me I will have gynormous bunions in about 5 years...

First pair up, I bought these for about $6 at a local clothing store.

I love these green beaded babies, I actually wore them to school today.

Here is a closer picture of the detail on them. Aren't they cute?

If you liked those, you will probably really like these.

Second pair up I actually bought at Walmart, but I think they cost me about $20:

Please don't be a hater.
But they are cute aren't they.
Here is a closer picture of the beading:

Third pair up I got from a local consignment store for $12:

I do wear these to school too, at least once a week, but to be perfectly honest my feet hurt pretty bad by the end of the day though.
But I figure that is just the price I have to pay to have cute shoes.

Finally, my favorite shoes (even though I haven't worn them in a year and a half).
My wedding shoes.
Before I show them to you, you know how the wedding all starts with the dress? Well, it wasn't that way for me. All I cared about was a cute pair of shoes. I wanted a GREAT pair of shoes. I didn't care if I got married in my blue jeans as long as I had a super cute pair of shoes.
That being said, these shoes were a little more than the be the judge if it ($100) was worth it:

Yeah, I thought so too!

I do have some more boring shoes in my closet, but the ones I showed you are my "go to shoes" when I want to have some fun and dress an otherwise boring outfit up just a bit.

Come by The Stories of A to Z and see some other great shoes!


  1. Wedding shoes...SO worth it! LOVE! =)

  2. Cute shoes...The wedding shoes were SOOOOOOO worth it!! Love all of them :)

  3. cute shoes! I'm a teacher too and sadly usually only wear flats! I admire you for taking one for the team and wearing heels! :)

  4. You are my hero being a teacher and wearing heels at work. I could never do so, even being on my feet in normal shoes when working as a teacher is a killer. You rock...

  5. How brave are you? All those shoes are the wedding shoes! Lisa

  6. Lovely shoes and lovely pedicure! And those wedding shoes were worth every penny.

  7. thats some pedi there... frenchie's always make me smile.... love your 'school shoes'!


  8. Love the black shoes from the consignment shop...would like to find a deal like that!

  9. I love all your shoes. Those wedding shoes are gorgeous. Wedding shoes are always worth the price.

  10. I'm so glad you linked up! I love your beaded shoes mostly because they're blingy, and I'm all about shoe bling, and secondly because I could never cram my fat foot into those pointy babies. You're a lucky thin-footed girl. And those wedding shoes??? LOVE. If they were mine I'd wear them with jeans just because I could.

  11. The $100 was WORTH it! Love love! I agree with Beth- break 'em out with a pair of jeans! :)

  12. Wow look at all those wonderful shoes!

  13. Wedding shoes are always worth it! Your beaded heels are super cute though!

  14. Very pretty shoes! The wedding shoes are beautiful - I love the buckle.




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