Monday, March 1, 2010

"I" Like Green Eggs and Ham

Not a decorating post, but still following "I" week:

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

As I have told you before, I teach in an elementary school. March 2nd is the biggest day next to Christmas that there is. While I like Dr. Seuss, but I DO NOT like green eggs and ham. I am sure that my school is no different than every other school in the U.S. On March 2nd they serve green eggs and ham for breakfast.

It totally grosses me out. It is just WRONG.

However, I tweaked an idea from my sister-in-law and created my own, much more edible, version of the popular ode to Seuss:

My version of green eggs and ham

Twisted pretzels
Almond bark (or white chocolate)
Green M&M's

spread wax paper on a cookie sheet and lay out pretzels on paper
melt almond bark
spoon small amount of bark on each pretzel
lay green M&M on top

Put tray in fridge to harden candy

The kids at school get a big kick out of it.
Another fun version is to make "bacon and eggs." Use pretzel sticks and yellow M&M's.

I will eat them in the car
I will eat them going far
I will eat THESE green eggs and ham
Thank you, thank you Sam-I-am!!

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  1. You're a girl after my own heart.... except that I DO eat green eggs and ham on this day! Here's to Mr. Geisel!

  2. Now that is awesome!! I totally want those. They look so yummy. :)

  3. My daughter would have eaten these up!! We made green egg-shaped sugar cookies b/c real green eggs would not have flown with my toddler. I've made chocolate pretzel bites before but this is a great adaptation.



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