Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Freshened Up Foyer

Once again, never-satisfied-itis has struck. And once again I blame it on a picture:

Maybe yellow doesn't photograph well, or maybe I'm just hard to keep pleased. If you remember, yellow was not the FIRST color the foyer was painted. It started in 2009 as red.

As I tweaked my color scheme from predominately yellow and red to blue and red (you can see changes in the living room and dining room)that yellow began to feel even more and more wrong. Plus looking at that picture above, nothing seemed to come together with that yellow as the background.

I decided to go with the darkest blue from the Wythe Blue swatch that I used on the back of my built ins. I think I did it on a Saturday afternoon all with a paint brush. I just a brush for several reasons. I first was just going to "check" and see if I liked the blue color, but mainly I was just too lazy to drag out a tray and roller.

If you remember, I had practically just installed this vinyl over the mirror

and of course after I FINALLY choose a spot for it, I decide to paint a different color. I just left the vinyl on the wall and painted over it. I peeled the vinyl off and I was planning on repainting it black, but I liked the light color peeking through.

Here is the new improved foyer--let's hope I like they way it looks in these pictures because I'm running out of color choices to paint it!

Hubby has been setting all his "trooper gear" on the dresser in the foyer. That more than kinda drives me crazy. So I hung his hat on my bird hooks--kind of a juxtaposition huh? (I have to admit I am HORRIBLE about leaving stuff all over the place. I walk in the door and things just end up all over the place, but I'm the only one who's allowed to do that-right?)

Yes, Toto had to get into the picture. He thinks everything is all about him.
Well, looking back at these pictures, the foyer is safe...for today at least!


  1. Splendid!

    I was looking at your photos and noticed the stencil right away...It would have never occurred to me to paint over and then remove... how clever.

    Me...I would have lived with yellow just because of the stencil ...until I had an 'ahah!' moment.

    I love the blue~but I'm a big fan of yellow too!

    have a great week.

  2. Molly, It looks very nice. I love that little bird hat holder on the wall...AND the red chandy is a real show stopper. xo Diana

  3. That's such a pretty blue, Molly! What a happy accident with the vinyl and your quote! I think it looks great!



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