Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pops of Green

In true, never satisfied fashion, I looked around my newly painted living room and it seemed so...I don't know red and blue. I have tons of red accessories that I love, but I don't know if you can say that I have "pops of red" when most of the square footage in my living room is covered by the red couch and chair.

It started with a lamp. A $3 auction lamp that I didn't want to paint "just" ORB.

I wanted a pop of something. Red wasn't an option. I thought about a dark blue, but I just couldn't find the color I wanted. Then I remembered the leafy green spray paint I had in the garage and the pops of green idea was born.

I've tried not to go overboard. We'll see how that works out for me.

At any rate, here are some shots of my poppin' living room.

This was red, but a shot of leafy green allowed it to participate in the popping party!

This shot you can see my new chair I got for Christmas (from Target).

I love it!

You can also see the green fern stand that I WANT my family to use as a small side table (enough for a drink or the remote) but my kids seem to think it is a "stand and spin." (Like the old school "Sit and Spin" but you stand up and spin around and around on it while you are asking me a question or blankly staring at the TV. You continue spinning until I say "Please stop doing that." And think "for the thousandth time.")

I've been looking for some fabric with blue and green in it. I've bought 2 different toiles, but I wasn't sure about it. Then on yet ANOTHER trip to Hancock's, I found this on the "cut" table--where I get probably 90% of my pillow and curtain fabric--and I fell in love with it. It is a medium scale design that doesn't compete with the other fabrics or colors going on in the room. I recovered a gigantic red pillow that came with the chair and a pillow from Little Man's room. I see these being fireside/floor pillows.

And here is a full shot of the living room.

Hubby hates all those pillows.

He says "How many pillows do we REALLY need on the couch?"

Just you wait Henry Higgins, I'm going to cover that couch in pillows.
I think it is a man thing. He throws all the pillows on the floor, Little Man throws all the pillows on the floor, even Toto-the male dog- shoves all the pillows to the floor. What's that about? Anyone else have a similar problem??
Finally, the last pop of green that I just acquired last night:

They called them fishing floats. They are HUGE! I think at least 12 inches in diameter. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet. Maybe on the island? One in the built-ins? On the dining room table (that room needs some green too). I'm not sure yet, but they were just too cool to let slip away. And $20 each was a pretty good deal-at least I think so!

Come back early next week and see what that orange blob was about in my "Teasers" post!


  1. I love those pops of green. I just had to laugh about the "stand and spin". I know in my heart you have told the kids a million times...they just can't help themselves.LOL. The fishing floats are wonderful. Smiles to you, Susie(She Junks)

  2. I like you pops of green, Molly. It is a nice green and cheery looking. Do you know that ALL husbands hate pillows on the sofa? They don't have a clue. Ask him how many screwdrivers he needs in his toolbox...see what I mean? You only need 1 phillips head and I one straight boy but I'm betting he has 4 or 5!

    Love those big old fishing floats! WOW! xo Diana



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