Monday, March 5, 2012

Orange You Painted Me

This was the shot that I teased you with. I've been working on Little Man's room and I saw this on Pinterest and was inspired.

I finished this just in time for The CSI Project's "Pinterest Week!"
Come by and see other "pin-worthy" projects.
In the meantime...

I found a couple pictures on google and I saved them:

A few weeks ago, Hubby and I wandered around Hobby Lobby and I thought outloud about how I would pull this off--cheaply. We looked at frames, but I wanted it to be HUGE and I couldn't find a frame that was both big enough and not a million dollars.

Then I happened to see some huge canvases on the back wall. I looked at them-they would be about $50. By this time hubby and I had split up (in the store, not IRL). So I went looking for him thinking if that price would be worth it.

Then I saw IT.

A even huger piece of foam core-for $10!! That was the winner!

Next step was to go to school so I could blow the picture up on my projector. I couldn't get it big enough with the projector so I printed out the picture and used an opaque projector. (Yes, that is so very old school, but they are still the bomb!) It cracks me up the "young whipper snappers" have no idea what an opaque projector is! This worked wonderfully!

I used my "Laker" director's chair to prop the board up to the right height and traced around the design with pencil. I wasn't sure which picture I liked better so I did what any

"never satisfied" girl would do.

I traced Yoda on one side and Darth on the other.
I took a pillow case to Lowe's and picked out two paint colors. I had visions of painting the silhouette orange. I propped it up on the fireplace and got to work. Of course hubby had to make some comments about how orange paint would look on the carpet, but I didn't drip any.

Here is the finished product in Little Man's room. I just used 3M velcro strips to hold it up. I won't lie, the paint made the board bow a little bit, but I just put more strips to hold it to the wall.

What about Darth you ask?

I painted him gray. He is on the back. I let Little Man pick his favorite side and he chose Yoda. Later on, maybe we can switch sides and show Darth off!

I'm also going to join up at Savvy Southern Style for her weekly "Wow Us Wednesday". It's been awhile before I've actually done anything "Wow worthy," but I'm pretty please with orange Yoda!
I'm also joining over at Addicted 2 Decorating-cause frankly I am!
Finally, I'm at Tater Tots and Jello for the Weekend Wrap Up party! I'm a party hopping girl!


  1. That turned out great, Molly! I love how it works with the colors in his room. Great drapes, too!

  2. What a cute idea for the Little Man! Darling idea. We used to have one of those projectors and I wish I had it back. It was so great to use on big projects! xo Diana

  3. I'm dropping by as the guest judge at The CSI Project this week. This is adorable. I love that you turned a $10 piece of foam into 2 huge pieces of art. I'm just getting ready to redo my 2 1/2 year old sons room and I can think of a ton of ways to use this technique.

  4. This is rad. My nephews would love these SO much!

  5. WOW! those are amazing! i love the darth one! my son would love these, too!

  6. Found your pinterest project from YHL. I love this idea. My son also likes Star Wars, I may have to make my own version of this.



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